Monetize Aileensoul Account

How to monetize your account?

  • To monetize your account you have to put creative and unique content, points will be rewarded for it.
  • We will pay 10 dollars for 1000 Points. Once you have reached 1000 Points we will review your account and if you are eligible then we will put an advertisement in your content and you can earn money through clicks and views. The revenue will be split 50:50.
  • You will continue to receive 10 dollars for every 1000 Points.

Eligibility to Monetize

  • You have to attain 1000 Points.
  • All the content should be creative, helpful and original. (Plagiarized content will not receive any point)


  • Share bank details with us.
  • you will get payment of advertisement on 1 to 10 date of next month after you reach the minimum earning of 100 dollars.
  • you will get payment of points within 15 days after you reach every 1000 point.

Points distribution

  • 50 points - Post opportunity

    Opportunity should be for anyone. (example job seekers, freelancers, doctors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, plumbers, artists, photographers, cooks, etc.) .... Learn more.

  • 50 points - Post video

    All types of videos acceptable. Video should be more then 2 minutes. ( Example: Informative Videos, Learning Videos, Entertainment Videos..).... Learn more.

  • 30 ponts - Post article

    All types of article acceptable. ( Example: Informative Articles, Learning Articles..).... Learn more.

  • 10 points - Give answer

    Answers should be helpful for users.... Learn more.

  • 5 points - Ask question

    All types of questions are acceptable.... Learn more.

  • 5 points - Post photo

    All types of photos acceptable. ( Example: Informative Photos, Learning Photos, Not selfie...).... Learn more.

All content should be creative, helpful and original. There should be no copyright issues in your content. If there will be we will permanently delete your account anytime.

Your points will update in 24 to 72 hours. In some case, it will take a little bit more time.

(*We will keep reviewing the content and if it is found inappropriate or not in accordance with our terms than Aileensoul will hold the right to deduct points or not reward any points for the same.)

For any queries, you can contact us on this email.

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