Priyanka Pandey

16th April 2020

When working online, it is important to take not of things that one should not be doing on the vast realm of internet because online, things spread like wildfire and impact your image absolutely negatively. Take a look at things that you shouldn’t indulge when sharing anything online, either on a personal account or on a business account.

Always Edit before Posting

No matter what you are sharing, be it images, books or videos. Always check and verify everything before posting. Everything remains on the internet after you have posted it. Things are shared and re-shared and you never know where your things might end up. So it is advisable to verify everything Hence, miscommunicating data can change the manner in which your clients see your image. And it also important that you never ever plagiarise everything. Your stories are circulated and once there is a notice of plagiarism, it can get you started on the wrong side with your clients and competitors.

Always Create a Strategy before Promoting

Strategy is important for everything. Some people try to promote without a concentrated strategy. It’s important to make a strategy to create or promote anything. To get the right growth online, it is imperative to create a strategy to pave way for success.

Don’t Overlook Negative Feedback

No matter what, never overlook negative reviews. Try to understand why the customer is saying this, ask them questions, and if applicable give them a solution or a certainty that you are going to look into the problem caused. This will get you a positive outlook which would be overall beneficial for you as a business.

Be Honest

Everyone commits errors, even as a big brand. In case you commit an error, or make some mistake be upfront and straightforward with it. This will have a good effect on your customers and they will even start preferring you over your competitors.

Avoid Being Excessively Formal, But Stay Professional

Don’t get too formal with your followers. Maintain a healthy sense of humour and don’t reply to every troll out there. Be upfront and deal with things with a sense of humour. Some negative criticism can be discourteous; but keep your cool through it all. Maintain your brand image and deal with accordingly. Another thing is don’t get excessively formal with your followers. Talk to them, indulge them, and engage them. All these things do help in creating a distinctive reputation on social media, so make use of them to the fullest, and get engagement and loyal fan following like crazy.

Using Chat bots for Specific Purposes Only

Yes, use chat bots, if you intend to use one, only for specific purposes. Don’t get dependent on it for you every social media interaction cause this would be a disaster waiting to happen. Certain tasks should only be accomplished by humans as a matter of precision. It’s a big no to rely on bot and dehumanize your brand. Indulge with your followers, communicate with them, and understand. It will help people connect with your brand and see the brand in a positive light.

Avoid Taking a Political Stand

The thing about this it can draw unnecessary flak from the both pro & anti parties. Just in case, if you ended up trending on the hashtags with this kind of political rhetoric; it can backfire in a negative way. Looking at the scenarios these days, it is not at all a wise move to indulge in political rhetoric on social media. On the other hand, having very upfront and vehement political inclinations as a business can be absolutely negative for your brand. This can be an outright negative publicity.

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