Priyanka Pandey

14th June 2020

These are the strange times, when everything is going downhill in a manner that we couldn't have imagined in our lives. COVID 19 has pushed us in the corners with a definition of a new normal. Perhaps, these are also the times about which we will be talking for years to come. Earning has also become tough with times like these. For many people around the globe, coronavirus has taken away their usual way of earning and yes, everyone is turning towards substiutes and innovative way of earning.

It's time to get your creative juices flowing with full power. We have compiled a list of ways you can earning amidst Coronavius. Take a look.

Ways to Earn Amidst Coronavirus

Content Writing

If you have a knack for writing, then you can earn money online through writing content for others. The only condition to be met is the content that you may write should be relevant and SEO rich.

  • Wow Women on Writing: They only hire female writers and give opportunities to freelancers. If your article is accepted on Wow Women on Writing, the payment can be around 50$ - 100$.
  • Link-Able: Link-able is another good source to earn through content writing. This website offers good rate of 100$-750$ around once your article is published.
  • Listverse: You must have heard about listverse, it is an interesting website with interesting range of artciles from crime related to downright creepy. If you have interests that are absolutely wacky, this website can pay you upto 100$ if your article is accepted.
  • Income Diary: This website is a great source of earning for those who are an expert in digital marketing, web developing, etc. If these are your niche, you can try your hand at writing content for Income Diary and can earn upto 200$-500$.

Online Tutoring

When school and colleges are taking the online medium to teach their students, online tutoring is one of the best way to get some money coming. If you hold a mastery over any subject, you can start by applying on websites that hire tutors.

  • Preply: Preply one can earn upto 550$. If you are good at languages, school and university, this is a website that can get you good mullah. There are nor boundations to location.
  • TutorJobsOnline: This website is good for online tutoring from all over the world. You can earn up to $30-$50 teaching online classes on TutorJobsOnline. You can earn up to $15-$25 for per hour tutoring online.
  • Skooli: Skooli tutors gets to work with top tutoring companies. However, it requires qualification upto bachelors & masters.

Sell Your Photographs

  • Shutterstock: Shutterstock is a website where everyone flocks to buy stock images. Shutterstock also pays upto $120 per downloaded image. Shutterstock also has a referral programme in which you can also earn upto 20% of the selling price.
  • iStockphoto: This website is good for selling stock images. iStockphoto also gives you an assessment skills to judge your work and only accepts to top-notch work.
  • Etsy: Etsy is a famous photo through which you can earn good money. Etsy keeps 20 cents as well as 3.5% of the sale price.

Run Online Ads for Others

Everyone is turning their businesses online. Another way to earn amidst the coronavirus is run ads on social media or on google for other businesses. A simple way to approach people is through their websites and offer them your services. If you have a good hold on Google Ads, you can offer your service to other websites as this also has a good earning potential.

Start a Blog or Website

Starting blog is a good way to earn online but this sort of earning takes time. Website development and SEO takes time. But if you are thinking longterm, this is a good way to start something on which you can work. There are various websites on which you start a blog such as,, such as this.

Share DIY Crafts

If you have an artist hiding underneath the persona that you wear, and you are good at making crafts; you can earn via sharing your work on socialmedia and getting leads that can perhaps make a purchase.

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