Priyanka Pandey

12th April 2020

Photography is a skill that you hone with practice. There is no lack of inspiration in the digital world, some are absolutely breath taking. We have compiled a list of photographers that are must follow and will inspire you to click your best no matter what.

Alan Schaller

The king of black and white, Alan Schaller's photographers are breathtakingly beautiful creating a curious and though provoking mixue of light and shadow. Check out his work below and get inspired into using the monochrome lens of your because his photography skills are not short of inspiration.


Gypsy Shots



Their photographrs will fire up the wanderlust in you, you would itch to travel. Their photograprs are beautiful and absolutely travel oriented.Check out their work below and be after seeing be prepared to carry your camera everywhere you go.



Photograher Focus



Their photographs explore the beauty that the planet Earth possess. Sometimes, breathtaking and other times will you simply make you think that thank god it has been captured. Some of the moments may not happen again in life, their photography is totally inspiration and even will inspire anyone to take out their camera. thebeauty in the simply things around can be learned from them. The alignment and various tricks can be learned by simply observing their photography. Check their work below.



Rustlord's photgraphy will bring out the adventure side of yours full of wonder. Yes, the places the visit are abondoned for years. The are absolutely adventure oriented and the angles with which they click photos are absolutely magnificent. They will no doubt inspire you to do your best. Check their work below.

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