Top Career Opportunities In IT Sector

In the age of technology, where everything from networking to shopping to making friends is done online, the IT sector is constantly flourishing. IT refers to the use of technology for various individual and industrial software and hardware applications. Everything from data processing to developing the latest video game technology is a part and parcel of the IT sector. Considering this scenario, there has never been a better time to be working in IT. Here are a few career opportunities in IT you can contemplate if you feel IT jobs is your thing.


Game Developer


One of the most exciting as well as challenging arenas of the IT sector is the gaming sector. As a game developer, you stand responsible for designing and creating characters, levels of the game, strategies and so on. You are also required to create compatible coding for the same using various programming languages. Testing prototypes of the games you create as well as the incorporated changes, by actually spending hours playing video games is the reason game developing is one of the trendiest jobs in the market today.


Software Developer


Thanks to the blooming phase of start-ups, software developers are one of the most coveted professionals in the industry. A software developer combines math, engineering and analytic skills to develop, test and evaluate programs, applications and websites. He is also expected to write and test code to meet various needs of the clients.


Project Manager


A project manager in IT is similar to that in any other field, except the nature of the projects he or she is assigned to. They are responsible for organizing time, resources and manpower in order to meet the requirements of an IT based project. A strong base of IT along with leadership, resourcefulness and teamwork is necessary for an IT project manager to succeed in his field.


Web Designer


A web designer is responsible for creating the layout and designs of a website or a web page. They are also sometimes assigned with the task of developing the website, although more often than not, it is done by a web developer. Web designers must be proficient in all sorts of programming languages, as well as be up to date with the latest software and technological advancements.


Database Administrator


A database personnel has many responsibilities such as upgrading, monitoring, maintaining and securing the databases of organizations. Their job profile includes creating and testing data backup systems, designing and implementing strategies for securing databases, reviewing troubleshooting systems, etc. Final inspections of database systems at the end of the day is a vital part of an administrator’s job.


Ethical Hacker


An ethical hacker protects computer systems from being hacked by using their knowledge of programming, softwares, online security systems and more. Their main job is to prevent cyber crimes and cyberspace intrusions. Their job profile is primarily concerned with firewalls, encryptions and internet security protocols. Hackers need to be well-versed in programming language and mist possess quick problem solving skills.


Apart from the aforementioned careers, IT enthusiasts can also find themselves working as an IT consultant, systems analyst, network engineer, and much more. With the technology boom and its ever-increasing demand, IT is one of the best markets to be in at the moment.


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