Dhaval Shah

13th April 2020

Captions are something that is absolutely important for any social media, PPC, etc. Peole often read them if they tend to be catchy. Sometimes people tend to overdo caption. Writing long storylike caption which very few people read or evern click to scroll. Following are the best tactics to apply when you are debating on the caption to writie for your post. Caption can make you win hearts or lose quite a few of them. Check out the tips below.

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Write a Short Caption

The attention span is already down to few seconds. Very few people are going to read lengthy captions on socia media. The best way to get the right engagement for your social media posts is to keep the captions short and catchy. The social media barely show more than the couple of lines of your caption, so why not just try to fit a concise caption that can be catchy and can boost your engagement rate.

What you should do is remove the redundant words and write something that is absolutely relevant for your post. Keep the captions short to get the maximum advantage and engagement boost.

Pose an Inquiry

Another best way to increase engagement through caption, is to post a question, asking for a suggestion or opinion about whatever your post is about. When your posts engage someone, they are bound to share their opinion in comments or may sometimes reshare your post. That is an added benefit. For example, if you are a food blogger and share the images food-you can ask your followers which is their favorite dish or which is their favorite cuisine. This tactic has the ability to increase your engagement because the rate of comments would be higher.

So yes this is the tactic that is worth trying every now and then, but ofcourse do not over do it.

Use Hashtags in Your #Caption

Hashtags are an important component of social media strategy. The best way to increase traffic on social media is to use the right hashtags. If you use hashtags in your caption, it will first of all make your caption look attractive because the hastag will definitely catch the eye. You can also use popular hashtags in your caption to get on the trending posts on social media. Use no more than 2 hashtags in your caption.

Utilize the Correct Emoticons in Your Caption

Emoticons increase the engagement rate of your post. Use them in caption and people can understand your caption in a more emotional way. However, don't overuse them. Choose the correct emoticon for your caption. you can also start with studying the popular brands and their use of hashtags and emoticons and the create a strategy of your own for the usage of emoticon.

Incorporate Branded Hashtags in Your Captions

Branded hashtags can get you the right exposure, and people are bound to use them to get your attention. So create a hashtag for your brand and ask people to use them for reposts or while sharing any related image. This way it would also be easy for you to check out whether people are using your hashtags or not.

Always Include a CTA in Your Caption

Indeed, even the most appealing story won't move clients to connect with in the event that you don't reveal to them how to do it. That is actually why you should add a source of inspiration (CTA) to every single one of your posts. Instagram subtitles give you a wide range of choices here: click a connection in BIO, similar to, share, remark, label a companion, tail us, call a number, etc. Never add more than one CTA.

Recheck Your Caption before Posting

Before posting, don't forget to check your caption for any typos or any other language error. This will always leave a bad impression.

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