Priyanka Pandey

10th May 2020

There used to be a song by Nickelback ‘Photograph’ that I loved. It’s lyrics goes something like this:

‘Look at these photographs, everytime I do it makes me laugh’.

They always transported me to a time that only exists in my memories. This song carries the vibes of nostalgia and reminisce. Lately I listened to it, after a long time and it took me back to the people and places that I loved.

I am a photographer by passion and I believe that every photo is a testimony of life and all the special moments that exists. Every photograph has a special meaning for me. They are a reminder of all the places that I visited, all the people that I met and above all it reminds me of the simple pleasures and little things foudn inlife.

I click photographs vecause it makes me feel alive and it helps in discovering new places and people. It takes me to the largely unknown, often unseen passages and alleys. It helps me know my city intimately.

Having been into photography for quite some time now, it has taught me various things that I truly cherish and I would like to share it with all of you.

Perception and perspective

What is it about perception and perspective? They change your life. They change the way you connect or rather how you connect with the world around you. Photography instills in you a need to look at things differently. You begin to see the extraordinary in ordinary things. That’s one of the greatest advantages of regularly indulging in photography, seeing things through the lens of your camera.

Cherish the Small Moments of Life

Nostalgia is one of the sentiments that old photographs evoke. It has often been iterated by many people that when they look at old photographs, they take them to places and to the faces long gone; long lost. They just want to make you want to cherish them even more, you may start to keep them close to your heart for there can always be a time when those moments are irrevocably lost. They at some point of time become a testimony of all the people you and how much you cherished them, if only for a time being.


All good things take time, an adage that is often told and retold, is quite true for the art of photography. Photography is all about lighting, angle and the perspective. Sometimes, photographers have to wait for hours to get the best lighting that can make the photograph come alive. It instills patience in us, it makes us want to project the vibes and the magic of the moment captured. All good photographs come from the moments of waiting. It takes lots of patience to wait for that perfect moment and get that perfect picture; you have to wait for the sun to set and cast its setting lights on the sky for that magical effect.

Sense of Wonder

Photography takes you to the alleys to capture the most unseen moments. When you spend lots of time clicking things, you get so detail oriented that you start to approach everything with a sense of wonder for you never know what it might reveal.

Power of Observation

Everytime I click a photograph, I realise the wonders of the power of observation. You learn to be so detail oriented and you learn to take perspective into consideration, and sometimes change your perspective willfully.

As Nicelback has famously sang in their song ‘Photograph’ - If I could relive those days, I know the one thing that would never change. That’s the thing about photographs.

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