23rd March 2020

It’s All About Hashtags on Social Media – How to Master Hashtags?

Hashtags are vital for the world of social media. They help you increase reach and impressions. They can get you in front of your audience with good business potential. If you are active on socialmedia you must have heard and unapologetically used social media. They have sort of become a trend these days, people often using them without understanding them.

How to master these hashtags and get the best out of them on your social media account?

Hashtags are all pervasive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even LinkedIn. From the target audience perspective, hashtags makes you discoverable in this vast world of social media amidst so many competitors. From a business viewpoint, it is important and opportunistic to be part of this game of hashtags. It is imperative for a business to be part of and share your voice through these hashtags. It is your opportunity to be seen by your target audience.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to hashtag?

Hashtags work. They help increase your reach on social media. They make you discoverable by people who can be your potential clients. Hashtags can assist you with building a brand for your business or yourself by connecting with clients and joining the discussion about what they like and what can be offered to them. If you somehow happen to take part in this hashtags communication, you can expect to see a great surge in traffic. Being in a limelight will bring about a great traffic to your account. It is only up to you how you utilize this power.

The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags were first used by Twitter. It was downright trendy and novel back then. People were aching to use these hashtags and see their posts trending on twitter. Back then it was also easier to increase your followers on twitter.

Twitter hashtags urge individuals to participate in discussions with a similar theme and individuals draw in with each other regardless of whether they are not following one another. While hashtagging on Twitter can help you connect with like minded people. Using hashtags can also help you grow your presence and can ofcourse make you an authority figure in your chosen genre.

How to Identify and Use the Right Hashtags on Your Social Media?

  1. Research: Everything starts with a little research. Remember your business objective and start research on the social media which ashtags are preferable for you and can get you the desired results. There will be hashtgs with millions of followers and there would be some with few followers. Scan through all the relevant hashtags and make a list with the name of the hashtags and the number of followers.

  2. Choose the Right Hashtag: After making the list of hashtags that you think are good for your venture. If you have few followers, focus on the hashtags with low number of posts. Hashtags with posts up to 25000 will be good for you. If you go for hashtags with higher number of posts, you run the risk of losing your post in the masses of posts that these hashtags entail.

  3. Check out Your Page Insights: If you have been using social media for quite some time, you would be eligible for insights which can actually be very advantageous. You would have data about the time your followers are online, country they reside in, age group and interests. This can be really helpful for both organic and paid reach. Use this data and then further narrow down your hashtags and see the magic happen. But it should be understood and kept in mind that the hashtags should be relevant to your posts.

  4. Caption& Hashtags: When posting on social media, write a good and engaging caption for your post. Use the right hashtags but fdon’t use more than 20. This will make your post look spammy. Follow these guidelines and you are good to go with your hashtags and reach.

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