Priyanka Pandey

10th April 2020

Written words are something that mostly comes from within. Trying to imitate other writers may not get you the desired fame. There are various writing styles but a select few sticks with the readers. What do when you are a budding writer or a blogger aiming to get to the nerve of your readers? Following writing styles can help you beat the stress.

Explanatory Style of Writing

Explanatory composing is long on realities and short on narrating and scholarly twists. It's for the most part factual trying to inform the readers about whatever topic the writer has written about. This goes well for the non fiction write-ups, journalistic writing, etc. Topics such as mathematical theorem explanations or the food cycle related explantions goes best with this style of writing. They are not bent on giving any opinion or changing the point of vires of the reader, they are plain informative.

More Examples of Explanatory Style of Writing:

  • News Stories
  • Course Books
  • Research Books
  • Guides
  • Cookbooks

Descriptive Style of Writing

Having you read anything poetic or lets be specific - Sloucthing Towards Bethelhem sort of books. These are thebooks that are written in the descriptive style of writing either elaborating on their emotions, thoughts, surroundings, etc. They also focus on tiny subtleties.

More Examples of Descriptive Style of Writing

  • Poetry
  • Journal Writing

Narrative Style of Writing

These are mostly plot or character oriented stories. Its trademark is a plot with a start, center, and end, such as Romeo and Juliet's families severely dislike one another. They fell in love and the rest is history.

More Examples of Narrative Style of Writing

  • Fictional Novels
  • Screenplays
  • Autobiographies

Persuasive Style of Writing

Mostly written by writers who are propsing some idea or working on research papers. These can also be seen in the Newspaper editorials mostly with apparent effectiveness. Introductory letters are also a good example of this style of writing.

More Examples of Persuasive Style of Writing

  • Scholarly papers
  • Newspaper Editorials
  • Surveys

Following are the styles that can help you decide on how to go forward with your write up. You can also share your writeups on Aileensoul & Earn.

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