Nisha Raj

24th November 2017

When we near 10th grade, the question of our future looms over us. We’re faced with the tough choice of choosing a stream that will be the foundation stone of our career. If a doctor is what we want to become, we try and strengthen our biology roots. If we want to pursue engineering, we polish our math skills. We choose our respective subjects in college and create a path for us that will one day lead us to our desired goal of career or job.

This process can easily be applied to most career choices. Whether you want to become a teacher, or a government officer or even a veterinarian, there are always preset choices laid out for us to choose from. However, it is not all that easy for the artistic lot. When we were in school, math and science and language were mandatory subjects, while art and music were usually not so. One could choose whether or not to opt for these subjects. But have we ever noticed, that being bad at art and music was completely normal but being bad at math and science made us stupid?

Not every single student is tailored to be a math genius or a scientist, but every student is expected to excel in those subjects. Students talented in art and music are encouraged to the point where it doesn’t collide with their academics, and when it does, that is the end of their co-curricular activities. So when these talented students grow up to study math and other subjects they never chose, they can hardly be the best at it. They end up doing a desk job and settling for a dull, monotonous life that they would never have chosen for themselves had they had the option to build a career in art or music. They live their lives suppressing their true calling in order to bag a secure pay and a steady life.

Why can’t a student good at art grow up to be a painter? Why can’t a talented student who won all singing competitions in school aspire to become a musician? Because these fields are considered ‘risky’ in our society that values stability over job satisfaction. It is a given that a musician will never be as good a doctor as he is at his art, but the prospect of an unstable career deters parents and children alike. Instead of giving talent a chance and struggling to find the right career for yourself, people often choose what is safe and guaranteed.

It is time we change that. Let painters, sculptors, singers and instrumentalists emerge. It is time parents we stop pressuring ourselves into what is deemed safe by the society and follow what our heart truly desires. Once we make that difficult choice, the rest of the path will lay itself out slowly, but surely. Aileensoul is one such network that helps artists connect with prospective clients. It gives artists a platform to put their talents on display and lets people reach them who have a need for their talents. Aileensoul helps find solutions for all problems job-related, including finding employment even for the more difficult career aspects of our society.


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