18th March 2020

Be Curious

Curiosity is something that we all have but many of us kill it with time and age. It is something that slips wonder into everything. It sparks a sense of enchantment with everything that we encounter. It keeps the child within us alive. The most prime example of curiosity and the kids. They are forever in wonder of everything around them and persistently ask questions about everything regardless whether they are taboo.

But as we age, this trait of curiosity simply subside into abysmal abyss. But this can obviously be piqued with encouragement and with a renewed sense of wonder. The moment you join hands with curiosity, you become a child basking in perpetual wonder and glory of learning new things.

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The curiosity, the philosophical mindset originates from never being totally happy with the present standards of information and knowledge. It is that consistent dissatisfaction with not knowing things. Curiosity is competitive. It is that innate drive that stimulates you to ask question, that if something has happened why it has happened. It's what pushes you to discover and learn new aptitudes. Attitudes that puts you above everyone who don’t know, who are still striving underneath the real of disinformation.

Why You Show Inculcate Curiosity?

  • Gives You new Perspective:
    When you encounter various things, it gives you a new way of looking at things. Gives you new perspective to see things and understanding. Inquisitive individuals consistently approach questions and quest for answers. They want to learn about everything. Their brains are constantly looking for things to learn. Since the brain resembles a muscle which gets more grounded through constant exercise, the psychological exercise brought about by curiosity shapes your brain differently.
  • Make You More Perceptive:
    At the point when you are interested about something, your brain expects and foresees new thoughts related to it. At the point when the thoughts come they will before long be perceived. Without interest, the thoughts may pass directly before you but then you miss them in light of the fact that your psyche isn't set up to remember them. Simply figure, what number of good thoughts may have lost because of absence of interest?
  • It Opens up New Universes:
    By being interested you will have the option to see new universes and possible outcomes that you might have not envisioned before. They are taken cover behind the ordinary life, and it takes an inquisitive mind to look underneath the surface and find these new universes and potential outcomes.
  • Brings Dynamism in Life:
    The life of inquisitive individuals is a long way from exhausting. It's neither dull nor boring. They are forever on the edge of learning. There are inew things that stand out for them, there are always something to learn. Rather than being exhausted, they have outstanding enthusiasm for learning.

How to Stimulate Curiosity?

  • Age is just a number and just like every other thing curiosity too can be learned again.
  • Learn and unlearn. Knowledge should both be occupied and let go off. Keep the windows of your mind open and know that there are multitudes of things that you don’t know. Start asking and learning. Be inquisitive.
  • Clearly, to be interested, you need to like learning stuff. If you are somebody who believes that learning is fun, at that point you have incredible potential. Otherwise, to be curious it needs to be inculcated.
  • Step out of your routine. Travel. Step out of the coziness of your home and meet new people, see new places. Learn about various cultures out there.
  • Read about everything. There are various things that you have never encountered, writers you have never read. Be curious and star scavenging about things you haven’t learned about yet.
  • Learn, read and watch stuff that is right now beyond your undestanding. Make it a point to indulge in your growth. Read diverse texts. People who are curious are probably not going to call something as exhausting. Rather, they generally consider it to be a way to an energizing new world. Regardless of whether they don't yet have the opportunity to investigate it, they will leave the entryway open to be visited some other time.

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