Aileensoul Team

29th July 2017

With a vision of creating value for the society and touching everyone’s lives Aileensoul is not just another platform to make your career. Aileensoul has multidimensional usage and is not restricted to a specific age group or category of people; every person can use it and benefit from it.

A Look through the website:


Users are required to register without any charge to avail the services of the website. Once registered a profile of the user is created and the user is directed towards different profile options.


The website allows the users to make profiles in 5 various categories as per their requirement. The names of the Profiles are as listed below:

  1. Job Profile
  2. Recruiter Profile
  3. Business Profile
  4. Freelance Profile
  5. Artistic Profile


Job Profile is for users who are trying to find jobs and get employed. Here the user has to register and fill in various details relating to the field and type of job he/she is seeking. In a way a resume of the candidate is created. Once done with it, now the user will be able to see the recommended and shortlisted jobs from the database according to his/her skills previously filled by the user during registration. Now one can save-shortlist and apply for the preferred job according to one’s suitability. Further there is an option of ‘CONNECT’, on using it the user can connect with the respective recruiter and also view the recruiter’s profile. Recruiter selects and hires the suitable candidate. Getting a job is made quite simple with Aileensoul.


This profile is a solution for finding the right and quality employees. Many Startups and even large firms face problem of finding good employees. Here in recruiter profile the user can fill in the required details and easily hire from large number of options available solely for the recruiters. The user can post a job; once the job is posted the user can see a list of recommended candidates. Recruiter can invite the candidates who applied for the post for an interview and hire the best candidate. Recruiters can also view job seeker’s profile by connecting with them.


Business Profile particularly aims at creating a business network for the users and allowing them to get all new updates of various businesses. One can create a profile of his/her own company or business and follow a particular business or a business category and get newsfeed of any updates that take place in it. The users can also add a ‘CONTACT’ from this profile and grow their business network. Users can upload photo, video and pdf of their product. Options of like and comment are also given in this profile.


Freelancing has become quite common these days. People tend to earn few more bucks by doing freelancing work in their unused time. Again this profile not only let the users find a freelance work but also allows clients to post various projects here to find a suitable freelancer. Hence a healthy ecosystem of seeker and finder is created here. Freelancers can save, shortlist and apply for the suitable project. User can also send a message to the client.

Client after posting the project can select from the recommended freelancers and contact them.


Artistic profile is created to give various artists and talents to showcase their magnificent creative to the world. User after registering can upload audio/video/photo and pdf files depicting their artistic skills. They can also follow some other artists or art category and get all newsfeed about the same.

Users can access all this profile for free without any charges. You can hire, recruit, freelance, grow your business network and exhibit your talent here on Aileensoul. You can post a job as simple as hiring a housemaid to creating a whole new business network of your category without having to go through a variety of sites. Aileensoul is very user friendly requiring no specific skills to use it.

Aileensoul is built with a vision to provide a free platform to everyone for enhancing their career and abilities. already growing at a very fast pace and improving everyday to give users the best experience.

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