Traci Woods

15th May 2020

The Microsoft MS-500 exam is necessary to obtain the certification for the Security Administrator Associate. This test helps you develop the necessary skills to manage and identify security solutions using Microsoft services and products. Also, MS-500 assessment is the right tool that Security Administrators can use to access higher-paid jobs and demonstrate to any recruiting team that they have the necessary skills to work with hybrid environments and Microsoft 365 solutions. This article will show what steps you need to follow to pass Exam-Labs VCE Exams. Also, in order to motivate you more to study hard for this test, we will give you more details on what a Security Administrator does on a daily basis and how much he/she earns in one year. We will as well dedicate an entire paragraph to exam dumps and how they can make the difference in obtaining the passing score.

What Does a Security Administrator Do on a Daily Basis?

One of the most important abilities that a security administrator should have is proactivity. He/she is also responsible for securing Microsoft 365 environments for business purposes. Moreover, the IT professional working in this position should be able to immediately identify potential threats and conduct investigations to enforce data governance.

The Security Administrator works closely with the Enterprise Administrator and other stakeholders to ensure that the enterprise security strategies are in place and respected. He/she makes sure that the company’s data is protected and stable at any moment in time.

What Is the Annual Salary of a Security Administrator?

The has conducted thorough research on the annual salary that a security administrator might earn. Their results show that the average annual payment of a security administrator is around $66k. A junior professional can earn up to $46k in one year while a Microsoft-certified security administrator will have an annual salary of a maximum of $97k. Some of the top companies open to hiring security administrators are Lamar Advertising Co and Qualis, Inc. Their offers range from $50k to $98k per annum visit

These generous annual salaries should motivate you even more to pass MS-500 assessment.

Top Skills Evaluated During Microsoft MS-500 Test

Exam MS-500 is the only one necessary to obtain the Microsoft 365 credential for the Security Administrator Associate role. Also, the registration fee for this test is $165 and you will have to pay it every time you take this exam. In the main assessment you’ll be exposed to a maximum of 60 various-formatted questions that are to be completed for 150 minutes.

As this Microsoft test isn’t the easiest one, you should study hard to obtain the passing score from the first try. Below you can find details on the skills evaluated during MS-500 exam:

  • Identity management and access configuration and implementation;
  • Threat protection management and usage;
  • Information protection management and configuration using Microsoft services;
  • Establishing compliance features for Microsoft 365 technology and manage governance.

To do well in the upcoming MS-500 candidates should find legit training materials and use different resources to help them understand the test topics. So, in the next paragraphs, we will share some reliable options that you can use to strengthen your skills in using Microsoft security services.

Microsoft Official Training Options for MS-500

The secret of a successful assessment is called intensive training. Exam-takers should start by checking the Microsoft official website and identify the resources available there. Once you access its test page you will discover 4 instructor-led courses that focus on helping test-takers develop the following skills:

  • Access and identity management using Microsoft 365 solutions;
  • Implementing threat protection strategies with the help of Microsoft 365 services;
  • Implementing information protection strategies using Microsoft 365 technology;
  • Administering built-in compliance for Microsoft 365 environment.

While instructor-led training has the advantage of interactivity, not everyone is able to have a flexible schedule that allows them to participate in these courses. So, candidates can take a look at self-paced training that they can find at a quick search online. Also, they can enter community forums and get in touch with other future candidates who are studying for MS-500.

Exam Dumps Can Secure Your Passing Score in MS-500 Assessment

While the vendor’s website can be very useful in gaining knowledge on MS-500 exam, unfortunately, it’s not enough for your prep. Thus, you should check any additional reliable training resources that can help you strengthen your knowledge of the exam topics. The page can become your winning ticket to obtain the passing score in this MS-500 assessment. The free braindumps are updated periodically whenever Microsoft announces changes in the exam structure or evaluated skills. So, you can count on these ete files to understand the test contents better and easier. But, Exam-labs offers more than free exam dumps. If you want to lower the pressure off your shoulders on the assessment day, then you shouldn’t overlook the MS-500 Premium ETE File. For a fee of just $49.99, you can receive access to a verified set of questions and answers. This dump contains real questions which answers are constantly updated and verified by IT experts. Also, you should be prepared to open these downloaded ete files using the ETE Exam Simulator. This software allows you to create test trials and monitor your progress as you get closer to the exam day. The timing function allows you to get used to its environment and secure your success in passing MS-500.


The Microsoft MS-500 test can help you getthe Microsoft 365 Certified Security Administrator Associate badge and find a well-paid job as a security administrator in a renowned corporation. Multinational companies appreciate security professionals who have the Microsoft certification for Security Administrator Associate job role in their resumes. As the exam difficulty is above average, you shouldn’t underestimate the training importance. So, apart from checking the vendor’s official website for training alternatives, you should also take a look at the trustworthy exam dumps available on the page. They can be your winning ticket to obtaining the passing score from the first attempt.

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