Dhaval Shah

21st December 2017

Like daily chores of life, we all know that we are habitual to be on social front. We all accept that chatting on social media gives us a bit satisfaction to be connected to our friends and relatives. Surprisingly, the credit goes to Mark Zuckerberg for revolutionizing the way people socialize over the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of the popular social-networking site Facebook, is one of the world’s youngest billionaires. He started working to create a social network with his mates when he was studying at Harvard. Apart from the socializing part, he has given more splendid inventions to the world.


Mark was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. He dropped his sophomore year from Harvard to give his full time and devotion to Facebook.  This site not only earned name and fame to its founder but made him a billionaire as well. His journey to success has been visualized in the Hollywood film ‘The Social Network’.

Interest in Programming in his early life

Mark belongs to a well-educated and sober family. He was brought in the nearby village of Dobbs Ferry, and his father ran a dental clinic attached to his home.Well, it was in that young age when Zuckerberg developed an interest in computers.

Guess what? Facebook was not Mark’s first social networking project. When he was about 12, he started making programs in Atari BASIC. He was so much passionate about programming that he created a messaging program and named it “Zucknet”. The first test run was done at his home only. Edward, Mark’s father, used the program at his office. He was relaxed as this helped him a lot at work, allowing his receptionist easily inform him of the patients. His passion from programming also helped him create a strong bond with his friends, and they created few computer games for fun and enjoyment.

His parents supported his talent and hired a private tutor for Mark to enhance his skills. He also excelled in literature and showed good performance in classics. Being enraptured by programming and computers, he developed many new programs before he actually founded Facebook.

Early life projects

Do you know Mark induced artificial intelligence in one of his high-school projects?

During his high school education, Mark developed a media player, titled “Synapse”. This artificially intelligent music player helped students relax by guessing & creating playlists for users from their patterns of listening habits. This project was approached by companies like Microsoft & AOL, with the former offering around $1 million. He turned them down.

Later on in Harvard University, Zuckerberg built a voting site for fun, and named it as “Facemash”. It used students’ images from the Harvard database online, asking users to choose the “Hotter” one from the random 2 selected. The site attracted about 450 visitors and 22,000 photo-views in its first four hours online. Most of the students at Harvard visited the site and as a result, the university server got overloaded and crashed.

Isn’t it illegal to access students’ personal files and information from a university database?

On the charges of computer hacking, Mark was asked to appear in front of committee. Students also complained about their photos being used without permission for which he had to apologise publically and his site was also mentioned “completely improper” and also received disciplinary action.

The Rise of Facebook – From Dormitory to Everywhere

Later, along with his Harvard seniors – Divya Narendra and the twin brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Mark started to work on the idea of social media site for Harvard students. Initially planned to be called Harvard Connection, it was later renamed to ConnectU. The site allowed members create their profile, post their photos, personal information, and useful links. It was designed as a dating site for the students of Harvard University.

While working on this, Mark got the idea of what today we know as Facebook and started working on it in his Harvard dorm room. He got the domain name registered on February 4, 2004, which was available to Harvard students only. Seeing a successful adoption, he started hiring new programmers with the service extended to few other universities. Later the Facebook was made available to all students with email address in .edu domain, with a condition of using a real profile picture.

Soon, he started attracting investments & more audience, and within a year grew to a 1 million community. Mark dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year to devote full time to the facebook and moved to Palo Alto, California. Seeing the rising interest from non-education sector for the ability to connect with real-life friends along with other people online, Zuckerberg made public. Hence, the Facebook era started in 2005.

Do You Know? Mark refused Yahoo’s $900 million offer for Facebook when it grew to 50 million users.

He continued on innovating his social network with new features such as Newsfeed & Like button from FriendFeed, while acquiring platforms like Karma,, Instagram, WhatsApp, & more.

Scandals that Accompanied Facebook

Don’t you think the idea to Facebook was similar to the one suggested by his seniors for ConnectU?

Yes, it was quite similar and that’s why the seniors accused him of stealing the idea, and using the original source code to create his social network. When the Harvard Crimson published this incident, Mark broke mailboxes of 2 of its journalists, wherein he found the correspondence between Harvard Connection & the editorial office, as per Silicon Valley Insider. Though the lawsuit was rejected, the seniors filed another lawsuit to defame the Facebook and get a credit. Zuckerberg paid $45 million (includinf $20 million cash and rest Facebook shares) to ConnectU as a part of court settlement.

However, the twins filed another petition in the US Court of Appeals but the retrial was denied, followed by which they filed another lawsuit in the US Supreme Court.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Out-of-World Innovations

You probably know Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook only? But, that was just a start as he got a lot more to innovate.

When Facebook matured, Zuckerberg started diversifying his realm, and started acquiring companies not related to social networking. For instance, Facebook bought Ascenta (drone maker), ProtoGeo Oy (fitness & health monitoring), and Oculus VR (VR headsets) in 2014. Mark has been working on several innovative projects to give this world a better place online.

Jarvis – Iron Man’s Virtual Assistant is Mark’s Virtual Butler

Zuckerberg’s spare time project, an artificially intelligent system, Jarvis is customized for his house only, but could be the beginning of a new breakthrough to the AI world. The system can turn on lights, choose & play music, recognize visitors at the front door, communicate, respond to text & voice commands, and do much more. Claimed to have created Jarvis in about 100 hours, Mark did this as a challenge to himself.

Aquila Drone – Solar Powered Internet Beaming Plane

Similar to Google Loon, Facebook’s Aquila Drone is also created to deliver high-speed internet services to remote areas. With expertise from organizations like Royal Air Force, Boeing, and NASA, Facebook is working to help over 4 billion disconnected people to access all the online opportunities. The solar-powered unmanned aircraft completed its first successful 96-minute flight on June 28.

“The thing I really care about is the mission, making the world open” This quote by Mark Zuckerberg puts a light on his thought & efforts to innovate and create a new world where everyone will be connected with equal opportunities. Projects like Facebook, Aquila, and others prove his stand.

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