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31st December 2020

Are you into the construction business, and you are looking for durable and quality vehicles? You might want to look into Kubota's line up of construction vehicles. From mowers, attachments, tractors, and other utility vehicles, Kubota has it all. 

Here are some power vehicles, according to Kubota dealers in Wisconsin, that can help you in boosting your construction business.



If you are looking for hydraulic-driven equipment, then this tractor is a smart choice. Because of its hydraulic flow rates, it can support planters and those that need high performing hydraulics. It has an EZ-command center feature and an ergonomic workstation with accessible levers and information centers. 

These features allow you to have access to many of the tractor functions. Through these features, operator fatigue can be lessened, leading the operator to more comfortable days’ work. One-touch control to pre-set sequence is also one of its features that can decrease the operator’s fatigue. Its 4-speed live independent feature can help you operate at the optimum level of speed. This feature helps in lowering fuel consumption, thus leading to less operating costs. 


This model has a Closed Center Load sensing hydraulic system, which is suitable for supporting planters and those that need high performing hydraulics. It has a Fixed Displacement hydraulic system that lets you adjust flow rates for loader, baler, tillage, and rotary cutter applications while providing it in ample amount. Its V6108 engine gives you the latest clean-engine technology. Its power boost can deliver more power when operating and maintaining the maximum efficiency within the travel and PTO applications.

2020 KUBOTA B2320

With its narrow design, this tractor is very versatile. It is a reliable choice when you work in property chores, landscaping, food plot management, etc. Because of the simplicity of its design, it is easy to use, and it brings comfort to the operator as well. Check out Kubota Dealers Wisconsin for a variety of tractors and other quality utility vehicles. 


2020 KUBOTA BH65

This backhoe has incredible digging power. It can dig up to a depth of 6.6 ft and has 2,500 pounds of breakout force. With its new reversible seat and compact backhoe control level console, there is a larger operator platform. There is no need to remove its subframe, as it doesn’t cause interference with the mower linkage. This backhoe has a pin-and-hook type quick-attach system that allows the backhoe to be attached in minutes without using tools.

2020 KUBOTA BH92

This power vehicle is very affordable yet has high-quality standards. It has a cruise control feature that allows the operator to maintain speed without keeping their foot on the pedal. It has plenty of dig depth and reaches smooth hydraulics and valves. These prevent shock every time the dipper is about to reach the end of the cylinder stroke. It is even hydraulic live-independent PTO, which is why you don’t need clutching or stopping. 



If you are looking for a heavy-duty front blade, you might consider buying this L Series Blades-Grand L60. It is a Front implement system that features a single quick hitch and a subframe. It has a hydraulic power angle, an HD double bevel cutting edge, and HD replaceable skid shoes. 


This model can be availed in both 60 and 72 inches. Its heavy-duty front quick hitch and subframe makes up its front implement system. The Kubota front-mounted blade has its front designed for heavy-duty works. Its hydraulic power angle gives out a 60-inch front angle. It also features an optional rubber cutting edge and hydraulic angling. 

Front Loader

2020 KUBOTA LA1055

With its Common Rail System feature, this model can deliver better fuel savings. It also gives out less engine noise and vibration while having better emissions. Given those features, it can still maintain its high level of torque and power. With its Cruise control and Deluxe Suspension Seat with armrest, the operator can work comfortably while maintaining a constant speed without even keeping their foot on the pedal. With its easy to use controls, it can be easily understood by whoever is going to operate it (perfect for first-timers). 

Mid Mower


This power vehicle has a suspended mower deck that can be raised while giving the operator ample clearance. This feature also eliminates the hassles of riding over curbs. With its cutting height adjustment dial, you can make height adjustments according to your preferred cutting level. Because of its Drive-Over Attachment feature, you can attach the mower quickly and with ease. Additionally, its Mid-PTO shaft spline is designed to be tapered for easier attachment of the mower. This product that can be found from Kubota Dealers Wisconsin is designed and built. That is why this product has high-quality and durable features.

Mid-Size Utility Vehicle

2020 KUBOTA RTV500

With its electronic fuel injection feature system, the gasoline engine of this utility vehicle gives out an optimized acceleration and enhanced quiet operability. This feature enables a better engine start and improved engine serviceability even in cold weather or even if it has been stored for a very long time). It also has a dumping cargo bed that can haul up to 441lb of dirt, gravel, rocks, etc. 

This cargo bed can be manually tilted up, making it easier when you are unloading your cargo. It also has a rear suspension making it robust, reliable, and semi-independent. Its operator area is designed for better comfort. It has ergonomic controls and c that help in making the service controls quicker to use. With this feature, the operator and even the passenger can enjoy while riding this utility vehicle. Additionally, it has a low operator platform making those who are riding this vehicle can sit comfortably. They can stretch out their legs properly. This vehicle is designed into a full-sized long-bed pick-up truck, making it easier to unload and transport.

Takeaway Thought

Ask the help of Kubota dealers in Wisconsin when finding the perfect vehicle for your construction needs. They will be able to provide you options and discuss with you the features of each one. Also, you can check if you can apply for a loan that can help you with financing. 

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