Jeff Bezos – From an Employee to the World’s Wealthiest Entrepreneur

Online shopping, ah! Everyone just loves this innovation. This gives a relaxing strength to people from their busy schedule. When they can easily get the things they need while sitting or working at their office, and most importantly, without bargaining with the shop keeper, is a tremendous trend today.


Have you ever thought about how this wonderful idea came into existence? There is an interesting story behind this, my friends.


Nowadays, whenever you think to buy something online the one shop that strikes most minds is Amazon - ApniDukaan. This one is a worldwide famous e-shop that lets you buy anything on affordable rates and with comfort.


Being one of the latest trending online shopping websites, Amazon emerged from the mind of only one person, who himself did not have any idea that it would be such a great success. He only thought to set up a higher benchmark for the markets to expand.


This person is none other than Jeffrey P. Bezos, who managed to dethrone Bill Gates as the world’s wealthiest person, though for a few hours only.

About Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose mother married Mike Bezos after her divorce. They all moved to Houston, where Mike Bezos became an engineer for Excon. Jeffrey as a child showed his love and interest towards mechanism and then to computers. He tried to study Physics, but his extreme love of computers persuaded him to complete his graduation in computer science and engineering.


After completion of study, Jeff Bezos started working in the finance realm with Bankers trust at Fitel, a start- up company that was building a network to conduct international trade.  He then moved to D.E. Shaw, a small firm specializing in the application of computer science to the stock market. He rose quickly at Shaw; becoming a senior vice president. During this, he prepared himself for a bright future in finance and also made a discovery that changed his life.


Developing the Idea of eCommerce


The internet was also expanding its range from different sides to new heights. Jeffrey Bezos realised that internet usage is getting increased every year, and observed an opportunity for a new sphere of business. He started researching for its possibilities and feasibilities. In a typically methodical fashion, he gained knowledge about the top 20 mail order businesses, and asked himself which could be conducted more efficiently over the Internet than by traditional means. He found that books were the objects for which no comprehensive mail order catalogue existed.


Jeff moved to Los Angeles to attend American Booksellers’ Convention and learn everything he could about the book business. He got compiled electronic lists of their inventory. Now, all he needed was a single location on the Internet, where the book-buyers could search and buy their favourite books directly. He knew that the only way to seize this opportunity was to go into business himself.


The Beginning of eCommerce Revolution - Amazon


Jeff and his Mackenize went for leap and flew to Texas. There, they planned about the business enterprise. Jeff gave a name to company called Amazon. After the return, they set up a shop in a 2-bedroom house and including the garage space. Jeff started with 3 Sun microstations on tables, managed for less than $60 each. He faced difficulties but managed everything with the help of his family and wife. Jeff requested his friends to help him test the site, whenapproximately 300 friends& acquaintances tested it. Inmid-1995, Bezos launched his site to the world and asked his beta testers to promote it by the word-of-mouth. Without any media interventions, Amazon became capable of selling books in almost 50 states and 45 countries.


The sales were going up and up every week & this success motivated Jeff. Bezos and his team always kept themselves busy in improving the working of site. Everyone was amazed and praised & enjoyed the wonderful features of one-click shopping, other customers’ review, and e-mail order verification.


When Amazon Started Facing Competition


The business venture earned more than imagined name and fame. Soon, seeing this kind of eBusinesssuccess, Skeptics and other businesses like Borders entered the Internet picture. Despite having tough competitors in market, Jeff managed to raise the market value of Amazon shares.


Amazon started facing difficult time&Jeff told his investors that they may lose 70% of their investment, but still Bezos family counted on Jeff and continued investing their life’s saving. This was time when everyone looked up to the innovator, and Amazon returned profits to its investment.


Moving Out from the Book-only Store Definition


Jeff Bezos then disclosed his further business expansion plans, stating that he wants to make Amazon “World’s Biggest Anything Store”, a customer-centric company. The shop where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online. While other dot coms were launching and failing, Amazon was posting profits by moving into music CDs, videos, toys, electronics, and other areas.


Amazon gave Bezos more than he expected. He himself did not know earlier that this small thought and passion for computers will bring about the biggest Business market revolution. This compelled Bezos to innovate more, and Amazon announced formation of A9, a new venture developed to focus on a search engine for e-commerce websites.


Amazon Prime Air - Delivery in 30 Minutes or Less


When eCommerce seemed to be on its peak of innovations, Amazon came out with another innovation, replication the Dominos’ proposition of delivery in 30 minutes or less. Prime Air, the drone delivery system, uses unmanned aerial vehicles for rapid delivery of packages, while the concept is currently in development and testing stage.


Jeff’s Innovations Outside the eCommerce Realm


Blue Origin – For an Affordable Space Travel : Amazon’s success gave Bezos enough confidence and funds to explore his all-time interest in space travel. In 2004, he founded Blue Origin, an aerospace company aimed at establishing a human presence beyond earth. Blue Origin owns a 26-acre research arena near Seattle along with a private rocket-launching area in West Texas. The company tested New Shepard, its multi-passenger rocket-propelled vehicle, for a less costly and more reliable space travel. The innovative space vehicle was designed to allow researchers conduct experiments in micro-gravity environment, more frequently, and allow the general public experience spaceflight.


Kindle – A Handheld eBook Reader : Starting with the way book lovers bought books, Jeff’s mind produced another idea changing the way they read books. In 2007, Amazon introduced Kindle, a digital eBook reader with E-Ink technology to render text in a more print-like appearance, reducing eyestrain as caused by digital screens, along with features like adjustable font size and wireless internet connectivity. By 2010, Kindle covered around 95% of the US book market, boosting Amazon’s sales & profits, before Apple introduced a competition, iPad. However, Amazon responded to Apple with more affordable and feature-rich devices, including Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite.


From a regular to extraordinary employee to the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos’ Amazon grew without much media assistance. However, world has changed significantly and digital marketing & promotion techniques have revolutionized the way entrepreneurs launch and succeed their ideas. Platforms like Aileensoul brings all-in-one services for individuals as well as businesses to fulfil their needs, showcase their talent and/or abilities, and stay connected with their areas of interest. While individuals can use career-related services to find the right job and/or workplace, entrepreneurs can launch & promote their innovative ideas, while business profile listing and networking features help businesses outgrow their competition.


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