Jack Dorsey – From the Stuttering Boy to an Innovative Entrepreneur

Well, most of us have the habit of posting regularly on social networking sites. Moreover, celebrities also gave it a clean chit to share about events and happenings online. Blogging and social networking are great to share what you feel. Right? What about a combination of both, a micro-blogging platform is an awesome one. Twitter, “the SMS of the Internet” has gained immense popularity worldwide.


The thought of Twitter comes with another one, about its co-founder, Jack Dorsey.


Jack Dorsey is a well-known American software entrepreneur and computer programmer. Though known for being the CEO of popular online social networking service called Twitter, he is also the founder and CEO of the famous mobile payment company, Square.


How the Famous Entrepreneur was raised?


On 19 November, 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, parents Marica and Tim Dorsey were blessed with an intelligent baby, whom they named Jack Dorsey. Tim was a medical equipment engineer who worked for a company that developed mass spectrometers. Marica mother was a homemaker who brought up her kids and devoted her full time to family.


With his uncle as a Catholic priest in Cincinnati, Jack was raised Catholic and went to Bishop Du Bourg High School, a Catholic Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. Being a speech impediment, he was a shy child in his school days. He gave up on medicines and solved his problem of stuttering by forcing himself to participate in several oratory competitions. He was influenced by technology and observed the technological challenge of coordinating taxi drivers or other vehicles. He started programming at an early age and his love for maps led him to develop the dispatch software. He was about 15 when he wrote programme for this software to be used for taxi dispatching & fire fighting services, which is still in use by many taxicab companies.


Jack as a Student – Another Famous College Dropout Entrepreneur


Dorsey got admission at Missouri University of Science and Technology, but later got transferred to New York University for further education. He dropped out before completing his degree. However, being in the university, he envisioned the idea of sharing short messages with friends easily by updating them as a status online.


Early Days of Jack’s Struggle at Work


Dorsey moved to Oakland, California and started working as programmer on dispatching, while searching for better career opportunities. Struggling Jack did not know at that time that his passion for computers will help him start his own company. He launched a startup aimed to use his dispatch software for dispatching taxis, couriers, & emergency services. Seeing drivers communicate and share their locations & other info, he got serious about his idea of creating short messages communication service allowing users update others about their real-time status.


Alongside working on his software for ambulance and taxi cars, he played a vital role in promoting, a Greg Kidd’s project. The project failed and he was left struggling for next few years, working as a freelancer and even joined massage therapy courses. Though this didn’t make him forget his dream of the short message service, and he started working on this programme.


The Innovation of Twitter


Jack approached Odeo, a search destination website and interested in text messaging. He met its owner and co-founder Evan Williams and one of the company’s executives Biz Stone, and showed his idea through a presentation. He managed to convince them to join hands, clicking their interest in text messaging.


The trio, Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone, planned & launched a new startup called Obvious. Within a very short time, Jack created a simple site as per his imagination, wherein users can post short messages of 140 characters or less. The site is today known as “Twitter” and the posts are known as “Tweets”.


Obvious, renamed to Twitter, gave a new innovation to the social networking world with Dorsey as its CEO. Users liked the interface and it gained high popularity within a few years of its launch. Though, Twitter became a powerful platform for all in the world, Dorsey never thought to make it a commercial site and earn money. He focused on the improvement of the site’s uptime as his top priority. However, Jack’s interest in fashion design & yoga and Williams’ thought of multiplying the wealth led him to the charge of CEO, moving Dorsey out of the company.


Within 5 years of it start, twitter achieved great success with users sending approximately 50 million tweets per day. The company touched the new heights of success with over 500 million users, and managed to have 25 offices around the world. However, Williams couldn’t handle it for long and got replaced by Dick Costolo in 2015.


Jack returned as twitter’s executive chairman, and later on took over as CEO after Costolo resigned. In the meantime, number of daily tweets dropped to 300 million by January 2016, after crossing 600 million mark in 2014. Dorsey added new surprises & benefits to the users by working towards uplifting twitter’s use, and announced a new set of word limits excluding photos and links from the 140-character limit. Twitter gained success and popularity as a roster platform to share complaints and views world-wide. A broad, international cross- section of politicians, celebrities, and organisations has taken creative advantage of the convention. Today, Twitter’s micro- blogging system has become a social staple for short, concise communications with a further revised limit of 280 characters per tweet.


Square, Inc.


When moved out of Twitter, Dorsey developed platform for small businesses to accept debit and credit card payments via mobile devices, called Square, co-founded along with Jim McKelvey. Devices like Square Reader, Square Stand, and Stand Registerallow businesses receive payments through a tiny device plugged into their mobile phone or computer. Along with positive effects for small to large business ventures, this innovative card payment system also allows merchants send a free receipt copy to the end-user via email or SMS.


Dorsey is perfectly managing the dual post, serving as a CEO to both Square and Twitter, but this isn’t his only achievement.


Awards and Other Achievements


• Apart from the dual post, Jack is serving as a board member of Berggruen Institute’s Governance Center and The Walt Disney Company
• In 2008, he acclaimed a position among the world’s top 35 innovators in MIT Technology Review, TR35.
• In 2012, he won the “Innovator of the Year Award” by The Wall Street Journal for technology.
• As per Forbes, Jack Dorsey’s net worth was US $2.8 billion in 2017


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