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30th November 2017

In an e-era, we all think of getting extra mileage. While some are opting for e-shopping, the others are going for e-learning. Here we want to help those who are looking forward to garner success via e-business. Here are a few tips which ensure you earn extra bucks while sitting in the comfort of your house:

1. PTC sites set a platform to earn money

If you are someone looking forward to earn somewhere around $200, then PTC sites can be the best option to start with. What you need to do is to click and read the advertisements for 10-30 seconds. You will be paid for each and every advertisement you are viewing. Initially, you need to register at the website and then you can make money by reading advertisements which you can view easily. These sites come for free and there is no investment for it. So gear up yourself, check 5 best sites and sign up to get started.

2. GPT sites give an earning hand too

Internet offers many GPT sites which can help you in getting small surveys. You can also watch different videos, play games and do many activities. You shall receive your payments via PayPal, cheque or bank transfer in this case.

3.Acaptcha solver can help you earn too

Captcha solving can also make you earn money. This can be defined as one of the easiest way to earn money. If you can spend some time, you can add more income to your pocket by simply solving these captchas. The process is quite simple, just read the captcha images, type the exact characters and you shall be making money. The faster you are, more money you will be getting. For every 100 captcha, you earn $2. If you are keen to grab this technique, try shortlisting a few of the best sites working in this endeavour.

4. Take up surveys and earn money

There are different websites which help you in making money  by taking up a few small surveys which can be done in a time frame of 5 minutes to 30 minutes. The time slot depends on the company and the task. Here, you shall give your feedback and opinion after doing a survey. Select your choice from a set of questions and then the work is done. There is just no need of anything extra being written anywhere.

With this process, you can easily earn $1 to $20 which depends on survey’s length and the country where you live.

5. Get paid from AdSense & other Ad network

This is the best channel to earn however is not that simple as other ones. It does take time to earn money through this trick and you need to have a website for the same. Also here you need to follow a few tricks to bring in traffic to your website to ensure you earn money from adsense and other similar networks.

6. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn money via affiliate marketing. The growth in online shopping has created new avenues in this direction and hence if you are looking forward to earn quick bucks, this can be the right option for you.

The only thing to be done here is to sign up with online merchants such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, etc and promote their products and offerings. You can earn commission ranging from 4 per cent to 20 per cent by helping customers to buy right product. Here you need to have a website which can help you market the products.

7. Become a freelancer

This is just another lucrative way where you can make enough money by working with big or small companies on temporary base and render your services  on freelance base.

You can easily make $500 to $2000 per month depending on your skills.

There are different domains where you can be associated with. You can be a content writer, a web designer, graphics designer or service provider working in areas such as SEO, data entry & many more.

A few websites such as Elance,, etc. can help you in creating the right platform with clients.

8. Be a Virtual Assistant

This novel method may leave you surprised but is really helpful if you want to make money by being virtually present to assist someone.

In this case, one can perform tasks such as counselling, looking after the websites, content publishing, research, marketing etc.

Virtual assistant work can be taken up from different websites such as HiremyMom, 123Emplyoyee etc.

9. Earn from Writing Job

If you have creative instinct, you can write for different companies to earn extra bucks. This writing could be in any form such as blogs, companies, people, institutions, etc. While there are different rates being fixed for different kinds of writing, a person generally gets $5 for around 500 words.

A few websites where you too can try your hand are Upwork, iWriter etc.

10. Go for web design

If you have the capability to go for web designing, then you can take orders online from customers and develop their websites. In this reference, you can have your own website and promote your service online.

11. Be proficient in SEO services

This makes one of the most flourishing and lucrative businesses which can help you earn big bucks. This is because companies across the world are spending thousands of dollars to get top rankings on Google charts by following the SEO way.

12. Upload videos on YouTube Channel

You can upload any interesting video on youtube while becoming youtube’s partner. Here, you will be paid for each and every view. Thee are chances of making big bucks if any of your videos go viral in this case.

13. Provide training & consultancy

You can be an online teacher or consultant, whatever suits you in terms of profession. You can teach English/Maths/Science etc or else can provide consultancy of any of your preferred areas. You can create your website and promote your business online via Facebook or other social media tools.

14. Sell photos online

You can definitely sell your pictures to sites including shutter stock, fotolia, photo bucket etc. If any client is interested in buying your pic, he will definitely pay you the amount you have fixed. In fact, there are chances you are paid many times for same pictures.

15.Use OLX or Quikr to sell old stuff

If you find something/anything lying unused in your homes, you can make an effort to sell the same on OLX and Quikr. All you need to do is to look out for such products, click their picture and put them in ILX/Quikr under sale section.

Hence, this pack of fifteen tips will definitely be helping you to make quick money with the help of online platforms.

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