25th March 2020

Let Your Art Shine Through

What is An Artist?

Whenever I think of what an artist is, my mind always wanders to the person who is creative and has a way with colors creating art of out off compulsion because that’s his only way of expressing himself. When I think of an artist I think of a person who creates something straight out of the depth of his soul and comes up with something equally compelling and emotive.

This thinking of mine can be absolutely biased to the boundations & limitations of my thoughts.

Artists are anyone who creates. Creates anything. Whether it is technical codes, an awesome piece of writing or a business plan--that person is an artist because he is using his create something out of the sheer force of his mind.

The Dilemma of Having a Real Job

For the society that we are part of, people think that a real job is something that you go out to do, sit in a cubicle typing away their time and busting away their eyes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The standards and the meaning of the real job has changed drastically. There are various means to earn online all the while sharing your work and talent. Earnings these days don't have to be bound to sitting in front of a computer everyday in a lonely cubicle where you are wasting away your creativity.

Everyone is an Artist

Things to Remember When Creating Art

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself: The thing that most artists do is they compare themselves to their counterparts. Everyone has different experiences and perceptions. They also have a different manner of projecting these experiences. So whenever you seem to compare yourself to those around you indulging in the same profession or artistic pursuits; remember they choose to be unique and so are you. The art would differ significantly and it would be unique to each one of you. So stop comparing yourself.

  2. Try Abstract Painting: Abstract painting has their own beauty and people often find meaning unique to them in these paintings. If you are struggling to create something and or are simply out of inspiration; you can try your hand at abstract painting. Perhaps, you might be able to escape your inner turmoil.

  3. Choice of Colors: Choice of colors matters the most in art. Hence, it is always best to choose colors that go along with the theme. When in doubt, go ahead with the color that you like the most anad try to create something out of that. Try to evoke emotions or scenery. Tell about your perspective visually. There are many artists out there who are breaking the conventional stuff and venturing into something that is uniquely there.

  4. Self Portraits: Ansel Adams, Chris McClandeless they all are known for their self portraits. If you lose on inspirations for photographs, work on self portraits. Self portraits are an extension of your personality. They evoke things and feelings. So while clicking the self portraits remember to keep the surrounding in check. Evoke your originality through them.

  5. Write about Your Experiences: Experiences are something that everyone can relate to. When writing, evoke your own self experience. Let others know that there are many who have gone through and felt the same things. It is also an important aspect of nostalgia marketing. So when running out of words to say, divulge within and talk of what you have experienced.
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  6. Switch Mediums: We all have at least once felt the onset of writer’s block and the apparent absence of words. When this happens switch mediums. Do you usually work on your laptop? Start writing longhand. Work wonders with writer’s block. Check out more tips to deal with writer’s block.

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