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27th January 2018

Hey, do you want to earn some extra?

The answer is surely going to be yes.

I mean who will say no to icing on his favorite cake. Especially when prices of necessary things are going high day by dayand it’s becoming hard for many to meet even daily bread and butter needs.

Almost everyone is dealing with those 9-5 job problems, where you are restricted to a cubicle and can barely think to have breaks at will. On the top of that, the uncertainty of such a job is always a tension. You might have, at least once, thought of generating some extra source of income which would be a helping hand in the future, as and when a need occurs.

Now, the question arises “what to do?”A very tough question indeed!

A person who wishes to give luxuries to his family and/orfulfillthe desires of his loved ones always has this question in mind,“How to earn extra income to save more after satisfying all the financial needs and lead a stress-free life?”

Well, don’t worry anymore. You will get all your questions answered here in this comprehensive guide to freelancingfrom scratch.This will enhance and motivate you in learning to establish yourself.

An Introduction to Freelancing

You should be grateful forthe technological advancements that have brought many benefits to this generation. The internet is now accepted worldwide, with online services having grabbed almost every aspect today, making it easy to do anything efficiently. This has given people theflexibility to work at the desiredtime with a specific set of conditions and earn handsome money.

Surprised? Yes, that’s correct. I know it’s hard to believe, but you might have heard the name of freelancing. Well, that’s the answer you have been waiting for so long.

Another thing that could be on your mind is that you have heard the term freelancing but what does it actually mean,in simple words, “Self-employing without committing for along time under one employer”.  

In other words, afreelancer is someone who works for many people providing certain services. This means freelancing is a business that a freelancer owns with aunique set of terms& conditions.

How to Get Started with Freelancing

Understanding the term freelancing is the first step to a rewarding future. However, this brings a bit of confusion on how to start freelancing and reach your goals.

Read the following comprehensive 7-step guide on howto deal with and start your freelancing business.

Step #1 Evaluate Your Skills & Kind of Work You Can Do

Freelance businesses tend to have services like writing, designing, data entry, or programming. When you are aware of yourself, a mere evaluation of your skillset can help you decide your specialization.

Identifying your skillset and defining goals bring various benefits like:

  • Help you get a head start in an easy manner.
  • You will be focused on a particular job,for example, if you opt-infor writing, you will be doing writing tasks like articles, blogs, web content, etc.
  • Working regularly, you will be able to practice more and improve with time.

Step #2 Identify your Clients - Finding the Right Buyer for Your Services

Now, when you have finalized one skill to work on and taking forward your freelance business, you will be worried about who will provide you work.

This is a bit harder part as freelancing is career option where you have to work hard and target your clients by yourself. For this, you need to know about your clients and their requirements.

Hiring freelancers are becoming a trend in themarket, so you have to identify the clients who want your skills-based jobs to be completed by freelancers.

Let’s know why identifying the target client is important:

  • The choice of clients will help you grow your freelance business with ease. Taking up simple and then difficult jobs in the same profile will help make an attractive profile to fetch more projects.
  • Narrowing your target client list will help you focus more and achieve better results in the long run.
  • Knowing about your target clients will help you frame the best proposals and present yourself as the best person to help them with their projects.

After you get a list of clients to target and start your business,you will be thinking about why they will select you only?Of course, that is a major concern among freelancers, especially beginners. Don’t worry!The next points will unlock the answers to this question.

Step #3 Quote Effectively to Earn More Projects

You know your skills, and you know from whom to get work, but now confused about how much to charge for the same.

The answer is simple, research your niche market, see what others are quoting, and answer a few questions given below:

  • Am I going forfull time? Or workpart-time to earn some extra?
  • Isthe job hourly?Youwill bepaid as per thenumber of hours. Then, what will be your rate per hour?
  • Am I charging right amount? It shouldn’t be much high or low.
  • Considering the amount of time available and charges decided, will I be able to meet my goals?

These are a few of the many questions that will come up in your mind. The answer to this question will help you make a stronger and effective plan. You need to clearly define your strategy in order to attract the right clients for your business.

Always keep in mind, negotiating can be done with the clients, but still, you should finalize and make your level clear to yourself. This is the best way to sustain in this field and upgrade your business.

Step #4 Create a Portfolio that Makes an Impact

Before you start pitching yourself, you should know how to present yourself as the right candidate for the job. The best manner to do this is by creatinga Portfolio.

Oh! That sounds a bit too professional for a beginner, but you need not worry.

The portfolio is a collection of documents, links etc., that represent a person’s work and ethics. Always remember the below mentioned some points that are essential while creating your portfolio.

  • Your portfolio must depict your specialty. Effective titles of portfolio help narrow clients down to the ones relevant to them. This will get you discovered easily in the big growth industry with your strengths.
  • Portfolios always work better for you when you emphasizeyour best work to make your client more interested in your profile.
  • Include alinkto your relevant skills, education, and accomplishments.

All these points will surely help you createa successful and impressive portfolio that can witness your projects accomplished while catching the eye of clients.

Your personality shows your skills as well. This makes you unique in theentire world with thoseof thesame set of hobbies, quirks,and interests.

Step #5 Write the Perfect Pitch to Avoid Getting Rejected

All set! Skills, Clients, Price, and Portfolio!

Now you need to pitch yourself for the projects you are willing to work on. Having only skills is not enough nowadays, you need to acknowledge yourself &display your skillswith confidence. You need to be judgemental here on your own work, and understand what makes a compelling pitch.

With only a few seconds to get noticed, you need to make your point clear and convincing;otherwise, you will lose the chance to make an impact.

Thinking what exactly you need to pitch? The following points will give you a glance over this and make the answer crystal clear in front of you.

  • Draft an impressive elevator mail. This mail should have avision of your work and show that you have done your research homework.
  • Include samples of your past projects or showcase your skills if you are abeginnerto demonstrate your proficiency in the work which will improve the level of your pitch.
  • Answer all the questions asked by the employer, if any.
  • Selling your strengths in the best convincing manner is the required to get more projects.

Step #6 Build a Network that Pays

A network, whether personal or professional, can help you spread your freelance business further. You might be wondering how to build a network that brings you more work.

Remember, “Your connections are your greatest assets.”

When you are ready to start working as a freelancer, intimate all your contacts about the same to get any reference or leads for business. You can start by creating a brand name for yourself, get a logo (a simple one can work if you are not a professional designer), and start talking about it with your friends and colleagues (or ex-colleagues).

When you start getting clients, start networking with them on common topics and let others know you are offering some sort of services.

Step #7 Create a Compelling Social Presence

Creating a network along isn’t enough if you don’t have any online presence for its members to land on.

Designers and developers can create a custom website to showcase their skills and portfolio, writers can choose to create a blog and more. This should be linked to your social accounts on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Quora,and others to let others communicate with you.

Compelling more and more people to connect with you and socialize.Keep sharing useful posts, updates, and links to be active socially.

Perks of Starting a Freelancing Business

Extra income and the ability to work at thedesired time are some of the perks already mentioned above. However, there are much more reasons for why more and more people are choosing to freelance as a career option.

Let’s get a glance at a few compelling ones:

Perk #1:You Make More Money

On a general note, people take freelancing as a side gig. This career option has a potential to let you earn much more than your regular day job. However, if you are not confident enough in the same, starting as a part-time freelancer is always an option.

Whether you work alongside your 9-5 job or take up freelancing as a full-fledged career option, you add up to your monthly earnings.

It is advised to get a new bank account for all your freelance earnings and keep a track of work done for each client to evaluate the earning potential over time.

Per #2: Improvise on Your Existing Skillset or Build New Skills

This is the most advantageous features of freelancing that can strengthen your career. Freelancing is a great option to build a competitive skillset.

An icing on the cake is that you hone your skills and discover your strengths in conditions under your control.

For instance, if you are a designer and have interest in development part, you can start learning & working as a freelance developer alongside a full-time designer. If not the case, you can work on different design areas to build better design skills and a better portfolio.

Perk #3: Unveil Your Passions

Skills are something that you learn and put to use for earning a living, but passion is something that you can do even if you aren’t paid for.

However, during your freelancing journey, you can stumble upon different areas to discover what you enjoy doing in your free time.

Take a dig in your personal hobbies, find projects related to those and see how far you can take them. Earning extra income while doing what you love helps you improve your financial stability without getting exhausted.

Finding the Right Platform for Freelancing

With a clear focus in your mind on what to do, how to do, and how to get started, there is still a doubt on where to get started from.

Yes, you are thinking right. You have the skills, you know how to work, you know how to get work, and now let’s uncover where to find work from.

As already mentioned, your personal and professional networks can help, but you can’t rely on them if you are keen to build a quick business.

Today, many platforms are available that allow freelancers an opportunity to showcase their skills and get hired for a part-time job.

Hereare some popular platforms that offer numerous work opportunities to start freelancing with. Register yourself on this platform to get work.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Truelancer
  • Aileensoul

Read here to discover how you can take your freelance career to great heights with these popular platforms.

How to Get Projects & Earn Money

All the freelancing sites are built on the same basic model, including clients that post jobs and freelancers that apply to get contracted for those.

However, there are a few platforms that offer freelancing services with a minimal fee, and others like Aileensoul which offers a free platform for all services like freelancing, recruiting, and showcasing your artistic side to theworld.

Sounds interesting right?

To get started, all you need is to register on a platform like Aileensoul as a freelancer, build up your profile, add details related to your skills, past work, & portfolio, and start looking for projects.

Freelancing sites make it easy to search for a job by grouping them under various categories of skill types, or you can also search for a particular keyword. Once you find the desired job, you need to apply on the same with the best of your pitch & price combination.

An interactive chat service helps you interact with the client/employer, negotiate or discuss details, and finalize the agreement.

Thus, freelancing has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for individuals to start a small business, and earn more than just bread and butter.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know all the secrets toearning money. Go and get the work done.

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