Yatin Belani

20th November 2017

Even though it’s more than 15 years now, I remember vividly the period when I had just completed my studies and was gearing up to make a foray into the professional world. It was the fag end of the 20th century; India was still warming up to the call of the Internet and the digital revolution was yet to sweep the country in a way that it did in the 21st century. 

In those days, career enthusiasts like me were not endowed with too many digitised options to explore suitable job & career opportunities. Job portals were rare and few with few credible names like Naukri coming to my mind at this point in time. Placement agencies were the order of the day as was the black and white ‘Jobs’ section in leading newspapers. There was hardly any avenue - online or otherwise - to explore unbiased reviews about your prospective employer barring the classic ‘word of mouth’ approach or the practice of soliciting feedback from someone you personally knew to be working in a company or a referral who could give you a glimpse into a company’s working environment and its emphasis (or lack of it!) on people development and grooming.

To be honest, during those times, the feeling of landing a gratifying job was nothing less than a sense of victory, especially when life-changing decisions had to be made with little or no information. This takes me back to the first employment experience of someone I have been closely associated with. Having come across a vacancy in a reputed daily, this friend of mine appeared for a walk-in interview with no prior knowledge of the job role that she was applying for or the company that would supposedly be hiring her - one of the pioneers in the realm of outsourcing - a concept that was still in its nascent stages in India in the early 2000s.

Nevertheless, my friend got the job and commenced her duties with gusto and soon established herself as one of the high-performers in her team - someone who was assigned with the most critical projects in the team because of her ability to deliver, no matter what! Her sense of pride in her achievements was short-lived though as soon she found herself enveloped with an acute sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction as she was unable to come to terms with the company’s ruthless drive for sales - by hook or by crook! Clearly, her values were at loggerheads with the company’s sole objective of making profits, even if that meant passing on inaccurate and exaggerated information to the customers. A stickler for righteousness, it was not surprising that she survived the ordeal for about a year and quit the job as soon as soon as she found a better opportunity where her values were in harmony with the company’s goals and mission.

The reason I felt that the above incident merited a discussion here is because it brings to the fore a key aspect of any job search activity - as a job-seeker, you must undertake extensive research to find out more about your future employer and the role that you will be performing in the new organisation. This is of utmost importance to avoid any kind of expectation mismatch or a ‘feeling of being let down’ when you accept the offer and come face-to-face with the reality of the situation. This episode also highlights what I missed during my initial job search days - an effective and transparent platform that could provide me with an avenue to search job openings and also give me a chance to connect and communicate with other business professionals who could help me make informed career decisions by sharing their individual experiences and insights.

Aileensoul - Your All-in-One Destination for Job Search, Collaboration and Creativity

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that all those days of uncertainty and unawareness are very much a passé now - thanks to all-inclusive digital platforms like Aileensoul that caters to almost every possible requirement of first-time job-seekers and veteran professionals to help them propel their career opportunities to greater heights.

Aileensoul is a ‘free for all’ online collaborative platform that has been launched with the intent to help career enthusiasts like you find the best possible job opportunities that are attuned to your skills sets. While you are scouring the platform for vacancies, you can simultaneously stay connected with other professionals and business communities to leverage meaningful interactions and updates pertaining to the latest happenings and trends that are prevalent in the job market and in your specific domain or industry.

The avant-garde platform boasts five innovative profiles, namely ‘Job’, ‘Recruiter’, ‘Business’, ‘Freelance’ and ‘Artistic’ - each offering unique services, which when harnessed appropriately, can help you successfully advance your career.

To avail yourself of the benefits of the aforementioned profiles, all you need to do is register yourself individually with the profiles of your choice by completing few easy and self-explanatory steps and you are good to go. It’s that easy!

Job & Recruiter Profiles

Reaching out to potential recruiters and deserving job-seekers is now made utterly seamless with Aileensoul’s ‘Job’ and ‘Recruiter’ profiles. While the ‘Job’ profile allows one to seek advantage of recommended job openings that have been shortlisted by the platform based on one’s specification of skills, industry and preferred location at the time of profile creation, the ‘Recruiter’ profile allows a recruitment consultant to post job openings on the platform, view profiles of candidates suggested by the platform, shortlist candidates based on their suitability for the listed roles and schedule interviews and job seekers also get some important interview tips from our blog. Apart from being a cost-effective hiring model for companies, the entire recruitment process is seamlessly accomplished in the shortest time possible and at the click of few buttons, without any of the parties having to undergo the laborious process of in-person interviews that are typically characterised by lengthy wait times for job-seekers and back-to-back screenings for recruiters who have to conduct face-to-face interviews with multiple candidates to discern the right fit who can fill the vacant positions.

Business Profile

“The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can create on their own.”

What caught my eye when I was browsing Aileensoul was its inventive ‘Business’ profile and its offbeat ‘Artistic’ profile which I will touch upon next. Designed for both freshers and experienced professionals seeking mid-career switches or better career prospects, the ‘Business’ profile gives candidates like you an efficient and inexpensive way to foster new associations in the business world by following business categories that are of interest to you. Once you start following a particular category, you will start receiving regular newsfeed about your chosen community. Other than benefitting from periodic updates, you get a rare chance to build startup and grow your business network and exploit this network to learn from the experiences of others and tap into hidden job opportunities that are not advertised through public job postings.

Another novelty of the ‘Business’ profile is its inherent feature that allows professionals to upload pictures, videos, audios and PDF attachments and share them with others in order to demonstrate their accomplishments, skills, hobbies or causes that they are passionate about to their potential employers or recruiters who may be a part of the platform’s multifarious business communities.

In today’s competitive world, the significance of branding is evident in all spheres of life. The same holds true for the corporate world too where leading MNCs and business firms are always on the hunt for candidates who have a visible brand of their own. Aileensoul’s ‘Business’ profile lets you do just that - build a compelling brand for yourself - one that makes you stand out from the rest.

Freelance Profile

In my one and a half years of freelance experience, I have realised that the freelance world in India is largely an unstructured space that is still evolving and has the potential to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. As a budding freelancer with a modest but growing pool of clients under my belt, my relative newness in this field reflects on my measly business connections in this arena - an aspect which has often made me desire for a bankable platform where I can reveal my broad and diverse spectrum of work and collaborate with new clients across industries and business sectors to grow my existing client base. Platforms like Aileensoul serve as a boon to both independent contractors like me who aspire to take their freelance careers to the next level as well as to individuals who wish to hire freelance services for their individual or organisational needs.

Artistic Profile

Similar to the ‘Business’ profile but with emphasis on performing arts, the ‘Artistic’ profile allows you to reveal your creative facet to the outer world and tickle the sensibilities of those who have an eye for raw talent in every form. Whether you are an upcoming actor or a gifted musician-cum-painter or a locally acclaimed choreographer or writer, you can now break the shackles of bureaucracy and leverage the open platform of Aileensoul to record your talent in the form of videos and audios, and upload your recordings on the platform to make them visible to the outer world. This is not only your rare chance to promote your art through creation of an impressive online portfolio for yourself but also a one of a kind opportunity to feast your eyes on the talents of others. Art to awaken your soul

With so many unconventional and focused services assembled in one place, it is not hard to gauge why Aileensoul is fast evolving as a formidable name when it comes to seeking a full-fledged, career-oriented platform that does not restrict itself to the job search functionality alone but further equips individuals with a repertoire of offerings that help them make their presence felt in a large population of qualified and eligible candidates.  

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