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27th November 2017

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Hailing from a small town from the state of Uttarakhand, Shaina was a girl with amazing talents. She was a creative girl with the ability to draw, paint, and sketch and created paintings and visuals beyond imagination. While her parents supported her at every level, she was living with fewer facilities in the small town of Rishikesh. It was when she stepped into the college in New Delhi and she started studying computers, it stuck to her that she could make paintings and art forms using the computer. Slowly she started learning how to draw, sketch and paint on the desktop, however, she needed a course in Graphic is designed to attain a steady career in art. She explored more about the domain and was amazed to know about the potential of the field.

Graphic designing is a progressive field that helps in creating visuals that are utilized globally by almost all the organizations. Whether it’s the field of movies, news, advertisements, magazines, newspapers or brochures, Graphic designers are helpful in every field. It is a must for digital advertising and the broadcast media and is used widely in designing games, social media platforms, web portals, browsers etc. A career in graphic designing with a professional degree provides a major boost to the career and one can get the training from various designing institutes situated in India and Abroad.

Shaina was full of creativity and joined a Graphic designing degree after her graduation and finished her it with flying colors. However, the main challenge of getting a stable placement was still bothering her. Though the college was providing her with placements in various cities, but she wanted to go abroad. She contacted several companies for the job and also registered on Aileensoul, which helped her create an artistic profile along with an astounding portfolio online that helped a creative soul like her to promote her talent online and showcase it to the entire world. Several companies noticed her creativity through the stunning portfolio and she succeeded in getting anefficacious placement in the USA and now she is no more a small town girl, but a city girl in great demand due to her creativity.

Here are few steps in building a booming career or graphic designing like Shaina and aim for the skies:

Start early

During our high school, we can take part in all creative arts like graphics, website designing or painting for school chronicles or magazines. All we require is a great eye for details and a creative mind. However, one must learn practical designing on computers to achieve better results later on.

Get going for the Graphic designing degree

A degree in Graphic Design from a reputed institute is a must to kick-start our career in this field and we can also go for a certificate course or an associate degree in the field but a full time degree is required to get job in other countries. During the course you will study about several subjects like web designing, Advertising, Commercial graphics, Principles of Design, Graphic related computer technology being the most important ones.

Create an amazing portfolio that will attract potential employers

Portfolio is the most important asset of any designer and if you are looking for a job as a graphic designer then an impressive portfolio will speak a thousand words by its innovative work. Your potential and abilities can be seen through the portfolio and your growth in the sector will be judged through it. Your portfolio can be digital or in the form of presentation and must contain some of the most impressive and sophisticated work that can impress the employers in one go. Aileensoul has an artistic profile that helps in creating your portfolio online and is an amazing platform that helps you in developing your career.

Be up to date with the current trends worldwide

Everyday new trends come and go and it is important to be updated with them as your designing should be trendy and current. The designers that are not up to date with the latest trends are lagged behind which is why they must be in touch with the latest computer programs as well as the graphic designing software.

Take short term courses after some durations of time

If you want to be in touch with the latest progress made in the designing field, then you can return to your college again for short term courses that will be quite beneficial in the long run. Start searching graphic designing job vacancies and apply or schedule interview. Read on some sure-shot Interview tips for fresher.

If you are looking for a platform that could provide you with a high class jobs worldwide then you can enroll on portal of opportunity - Aileensoul that opens you to the entire world and showcases your portfolio on its web page. Follow your heart and get a successful career in Graphic designing full of passion, determination and strength.

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