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10th August 2021

UK Partner Overview Of Partner Visa Requirements

Getting a spousal visa typically involves a lot of red tape that you’d need to navigate around. If you want some more information on how you can get a UK visa based on a spousal relationship, contact reputable immigration solicitors in Belfast.

The summarized requirements for getting a spouse visa in the UK are:

  • Relationships: Recognized marriage or social relations and in the case of the female partner, living under one roof for at least two years
  • English Language: If you are not from an English-speaking country or have not graduated from a recognized English university or are not excluded from that requirement - you must be tested at the A1 level (speaking and listening);
  • Housing: You must have suitable housing in the UK
  • Financial Requirements: Income (£18,600) from specific sources or savings (£62,500).

Getting the approval of a UK spousal visa may not be an as easy task as it seems to be. Getting the help of experts in expediting the process is always recommended. Reputable immigration solicitors in Belfast can help you expedite your spousal visa to the UK as soon as possible and solve any hurdles along the way.


Minimum Financial Requirements

To support your spouse, you need at least £ 18,600 or 62,500 in annual income. If you have a child who is not a British citizen, the minimum income of £22,400 and £2400 additionally applies to the second child who is dependent on all other children.

Proof of Source of Income

If you depend on income, you must have authorized sources of employment, self-employment, leased property, dividends, or investments or pensions.

If a non-British participant is outside the UK, their income through employment or self-employment will not be taken into account. However, lease, pension, or investment income is recognized.

Savings Requirements

Savings are essential for British or non-British partners or both. Keep them in a cash account for immediate access. If the money is not in the account for the full six months, you must prove that you have had the money for at least six months. For example, if you sell goods or merchandise and rely on money received as a last resort, you should have evidence that the goods were sold six months before the application date.

UK Partner Visa Extension

Extension requirements for partner visas are the same as initial requirements for applying. You must have adequate income, housing, knowledge of English (currently at A2 level), and show the integrity of your relationship.

To apply, you do not have to rely on the sponsor's salary. This could be the applicant's money, or the sponsor's, or both fees combined. You should legal help immediately in case you have a breakup with your partner and check for future options for you.


To expedite the process, opt for priority services.

1) Result and document in 5 Days

You can also apply for a visa by visiting a visa application office. Some countries allow you to put your application on the priority that speeds up the processing. You can get faster results with some additional cost to pay for priority service. With this service, you will be able to get the decision within a maximum of 5 days after you have appeared in front of the visa authorities at the visa office.

2) Next day collection (super priority service)

If you require the process to be completed at the maximum speed. A little extra cost will be charged for providing priority services.  and upon choosing the super-priority service your visa application decision will be given to you the very next day.

The authorities will complete due process within a working day upon submission of super-priority visa application and you will be called to receive your passport from the visa office by the end of the next day of your application after you have submitted your biometric information required to complete the process. But keep in mind that you can only avail of this offer only if the country you are applying for a visa offers it.


What happens next

After submission of your application at the visa office, you will be called to pick up your documents after completion of the process. If you apply for immigration through application and the process is completed then there is no need to apply for a biometric permit application. Your immigration status will be completely online.

We hope this article will help you get all the required information about getting a spousal visa for the UK and you are ready to apply for it. Follow the above information for completing the process quickly and smoothly.

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