Priyanka Pandey

1st April 2020

Photographs are stories waiting to be told. You capture one photograph and you can witness the provocation of emotions through it. Photographs are a powerful tool for storytelling. It has the capacity to evoke emotions that may be hard to express. It freezes a moment for eternity to be relived time and time again. It captures the circumstances and the atmosphere of a particular era for the next generations to witness. And when it is said that photographs can change, looking back you realise that is the truth for they do change you.

Photography is also one of the ways through which you can earn online. There carious ways that you can increase your earning through photography. With the onset of social media, it has become become extensively easier to increase the reach of your photographs with least efforts.

We have compiled a list of ways through which you can earn money online with photography.

Shoot Current Events:

If you are passionate about photography and want to pursue it and earn online with photography, redirect your attention to the current events happening around you. Capturing the current events can be a great source of earning online through social media. Current events images can be used by all the offline and online media. It can be newspapers, magazines or online portals of newspapers and magazines. All the media outlets are often looking for freelancers in photography and yes it can be a great source of earning online.

Sell Photos to Magazines and Newspapers:

Every magazine prefers quality photographs that are thought provoking and emotionally charged. Another great way to earn money online through photography is sell your images to magazines and newspapers. Once again I would reiterate that magazines and newspapers prefer freelancers for the photographs they publish in their medium.

Earning Through Street Photography:

Every passionate photographer often venture into street photography. Street photography has its own beauty. It's a beautiful way to uncover the beauty in everyday moments. The raw experience of capturing the moments of others's lives framing them for eternity. if you are a street photgrapher and want to earn online, you can share and upload your photos on the following websites:

There is a good earning potential through these mediums.

Shoot Portraits:

Portraits are one of the most beautiful form of photography. You capture people in it and the moment you do that you immortalize them. If you are passionate about portraits, you can become a portrait photographer and earn. Portraits have a way of expressing people in an evocative way. If you love to click portrtaits you can share them on various online sites that pays for sharing images. You can sell portraits to various online magazines and newspapers. Following are the websites where you can share your portraits:

Write a Photography Blog:

When you grow confident about your photography skills then you can share your tips and techniques through blogs. Organic reach is something that youc an get when start blogging, other than that having publisher tags implemented on your website can help earn extra income. You can try Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate Programme. If you are writer and a photographer, you can write about your photography experience and the various places you have scavenged to get a lovely shot. You can also writer about the various kenses that you prefer and why do you prefer. Photography tips and techniques are the all time requirement in any photography blogs.

Teach Photography:

Another way of earning through photography is to teach photography skills. Once you have garnered that substance that puts you above the average people, you can start teaching people via vlogging on youtube or tik tok or aileensoul. This is a great way of earning online through photography and can get you the reach. You can start a channel to teach or a blog. what people need are the genuine tips to improve themselves. If you good photography skills, impart them to others. Share your knowledge. You can also upload your photographs on aileensoul and earn through it.

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