Harshad Patoliya

25th November 2017

“When opportunity knocks on your door, always be willing to take a chance, because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be.”

“Opportunities don’t come knocking on the door. They present themselves when you knock the door down.” - Greg Pitt, American fitness model, actor and former Army Ranger.

Now, without getting into the debate of whether opportunity actually knocks or does not knock on your door, let’s just say that opportunity does have a knack of presenting itself in the most unpretentious manner and when one least expects to find it. Often, it tends to appear in the garb of possibilities that one may not have thought imaginable even in their wildest dreams, forget about encountering them in reality! At times, it presents itself in the form of an arduous activity or in the guise of a failure or hardship.

Irrespective of how and when opportunity strikes, one thing is evident - you must remain alert and look attentively to trace your golden chance, just as Anindita discovered hers when she decided to quit her lucrative IT job and launch a venture of her own in order to satisfy her urge to create something new and innovative…something that she could call her own!  

New Beginnings

In her family, friend circle and peer group, Anindita is known to be a level-headed girl who always weighs her options carefully and takes calculated risks. Fully cognizant of the fact that not all startups taste success at the end of the day, she knew that even those that do succeed eventually, they usually take considerable time to outperform their competition and make their presence felt among the biggies in their respective fields. Hence, it is not unusual for startup founders to reach break-even in 8-12 months of their venture’s launch or maybe even more with profits remaining a distant dream. Armed with this realisation, Anindita decided to explore interim options to keep her income stream flowing while she focused on strategies to market and grow her business.

“I need to think of a Plan B to see me through the initial period when my startup is still in its nascent stages. So, how do I find a second source of income that gives me the flexibility to pursue it as per my schedule, without compromising on my commitment towards my newly launched business? How do I seek an opportunity that is lucrative enough to sustain me and family till the time my business doesn’t start generating profits? How do I find an opening that complements my skills and experience and allows me to tap into potential customers from the comfort of my home?” All these thoughts occupied Anindita’s mind as she prepped herself for her exciting yet challenging stint ahead.

“Opportunity Is Missed By Most People Because It Is Dressed In Overalls And Looks Like Work.” - Thomas A. Edison

After pondering the above for days and seeking the advice of her well-wishers, Anindita figured that she had two options in front of her. Either she could pin all her hopes on her new endeavour and utilize her savings to support herself till the time her venture took off or she could explore options to supplement her hard-earned money with extra income. Being a thrifty person, she chose to do the latter.

It was around this time that she came to know about freelancing and how it was providing freshers and seasoned professionals a unique opportunity to make a living for themselves by giving them a chance to work as independent consultants and offer their skills and services to clients worldwide, without restricting them to rigid schedules or designated locations. Anindita decided that freelancing was the apt choice for her, considering that she had to devote significant time to set up her new business and flexibility with her work schedule was one of her prime needs. Thus, began her parallel journey as a freelance web designer-cum-programmer - a journey that soon turned out to be an immensely gratifying one as she started bagging high-paying domestic and international projects in no time, owing to her technical prowess and her ability to accomplish challenging projects within tight deadlines and with exemplary quality.

Over time, Anindita realised that deciding to opt for a secondary source of income was probably one of the best decisions that she had taken in life till date. As it turned out, because of stiff market competition and her zero entrepreneurial experience, her business actually took much longer to stabilise itself than what she had planned for initially. Had she not bagged this freelance opportunity at the right time, she would have landed in deep financial trouble by now. The fact that her hard work eventually paid off and her business gained a foothold in the market is a testimony to her ‘can-do’ attitude and her determination to persist with her choices, come what may!

Opportunities Are Present Everywhere - Even Online!

In retrospect, Anindita was fortunate to have a sibling who was a freelancer herself and who guided her throughout in her search for a part-time opportunity by enrolling her in numerous freelance platforms and providing her with tips to build a credible and attractive portfolio that suitably showcased her diverse skills to her prospective clients. Likewise, her brother-in-law, himself a co-founder of a fast-growing startup, shared his own experiences with her and gave her suggestions to market her business effectively, simultaneously advising her on how to mitigate and overcome commonly encountered pitfalls in the startup domain.

However, not everyone can boast the presence of such well-wishers who motivate them and lead them towards game changing opportunities. But thanks to technological advancements, today one can now make the right career choices at the click of few buttons by seeking the honest and unbiased opinions of real people who come with adequate knowledge and experience in their particular field or sector. This kind of a novel and revolutionary approach is indeed a boon to many first-time job seekers who can now heave a sigh of relief as they do not have to rely solely on possibly biased and exaggerated opinions of others or even treat the personal experiences of a chosen few as the gospel truth in matters concerning their career progression - traditional employment-related practices that were commonplace few decades ago.

Seize The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Through The Far-Reaching Platform of Aileensoul

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” - Milton Berle, American comedian and actor.

Aileensoul is an innovative digital platform that has been designed to assist talented and ambitious individuals in launching rewarding careers and helping professionals like you advance their careers through a broad range of services in relation to job opportunities (full-time, part-time and freelancing), business networking and a platform to highlight one’s artistic talents and abilities.

Available as a free portal that amalgamates multiple career-related services into one, Aileensoul features five distinct profiles, namely Job Profile, Recruiter Profile, Business Profile, Freelance Profile and Artistic Profile which cater to the abovementioned services. Other than these existing profiles, the platform is in the process of developing yet another compelling service feature named ‘Opportunities’ that it plans to introduce in the near future. By leveraging this profile, career enthusiasts will be able gain crucial business insights into their respective functional domains or areas of interest through job-related newsfeed that fetches information of unlisted vacancies from various reliable sources and shares these details with the users of this profile. Thus, as a user, you will get to know about any ongoing recruitment for government jobs or about corporate openings, career opportunities in IT that prevail in the job market but have not been publicly posted by recruiters and hence do not show up in the ‘Job Profile’ of Aileensoul.

Other than getting to know about current openings, you will also be supplied with useful reference links and enlightening blogs to help you familiarise yourself with the latest trends that are influencing the landscape of your chosen industry and benefit from expert tips that help you develop your domain knowledge and grow your skills. The added prospect of contacting and collaborating with experienced and illustrious business professionals who can be instrumental in earning you your career’s introductory break or that defining mid-career switch that you have been looking for is what makes Alieensoul’s ‘Opportunities’ a one of a kind employment-oriented service that can catapult your career to unimaginable heights.

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