Priyanka Pandey

21st June 2020

In times like these it has become imperative to look for ways to earn online. It ain’t that hard when you take a look at all the web searches that come up, you see various websites and various blogs where you can earn online in the easiest manner.

What I want to focus on today is the ways a writer can earn online through their talents. Writing is a job that require considerable peace of mind. One cannot just produce something of quality without the proper peace of mind. Being a writer is a tough thing. If you don’t where the right opportunities, you will just get tired to even put pen to the paper unless you are a diehard writer who cannot help but write about the things that they observe around them.

Almost every person requires an outlet to let the inner turmoil get some sunlight. Some find it through photography; some find it through drawing while others find it by giving them an expression through words.

If you are a writer and want to earn through the very art that you cherish, following are the websites that would help you do just that.

Almost every writer who is passaionate about writing does some sort of freelance work to find the right footing. is the right platform for people who are looking to earn money through writing. gives you opportunity to showcase your talent and get you the opportunities to write and perhaps make some forever clients. is a social sharing website through which you can earn by showcasing your talent. All you have to do is share whatever you are passionate about such as photography, write-ups, questions, videos and monetize your account. The more you share and showcase the more you earn. This a free website that will help you earn some extra money. is another place through where you can hire talent. The opportunities available on are diverse and worthwhile to gain some serious exposure. If you are really interested to give a shoulder and do some freelance work this is a wonderful website to get you going. is all about writers. This is a new and a wonderful platform on which you can big shot publications as well such as The Economist or The Writing Cooperative. All you have to do is create your account and start publishing with appropriate tags. You can also submit your articles to the publications to get some extra exposure.

Huffington post is a world famous publication platform, on which getting published is a difficult thing in itself. But if you really believe in this you can submit your write up on this platform. is another website that pays upto 100$ per article if it gets accepted. This is a website that is very famous because of the things it tries to showcase. It covers articles about crimes, history. Scientific facts that is shocking. So if you are good with research and uncover some craze stuff this is the website for you. is another website just like where you can get opportunity for writing. How much you earn from these website depends upon your power of negotiation and the quality of your writing. But all these websites are worth a try if you are really into writing.

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