Priyanka Pandey

25th April 2020

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” - Ted Grant

Black and white photography is evocative. What is it about black and white photography that sticks with you? There's is this strange depth to it that weighs you down in a postive manner of course. It makes you think about. There is this beautiful interplay between lights and shadows, emphasising the unseen beauty out of the ordinary.

  • It's Timeless: Black and White Photograps is Timeless. It's beauty will never fade. It's nostalgic. The lack of colors itself ignite a sense of nostalgia. The thing about the black and white photography is that is surpasses time. It's universal, an imagery that transcends the sense of time. If colored photography is freezing the time then black and white photography is all about surpassing it.
  • Versatile: Black and white photography can be done in any condition, a particular condition is not required to get the desired results, you can still create timless portraits or landscapes or merely indulge in abstract photography.
  • Evocative: Monochrome or Black and White photgraphy is evocative. It provokes a barage of emotions and that can be sometimes hard to understand. There are various instances of interplay of shadow and light that can give this effect.
  • Distraction Free: Black and White Photography can be absolutely distraction free as there can be no noise of any other color. Sometimes the colored photographs seems absolutely distracting because of presence of so many colors.
  • It's Moody: When I look at a black and white photograph, it evokes a certain obstinacy in me. It creates a haze, a nostalgia and sometimes a sharpness. The grainy black and white photographs instill a certain moodiness in the atmosphhere that can be obstinate.
  • Depiction of Both Simplicity and Complexity: Black and white photography makes a statement. It's a unique mixture of both simplicity and complexity.

Alan Schaller

Alan Schaller is a king of black and white photography. His photographs are an epitome of the utter perfection. An awesome collection of shadow and light. His photos are clean and of high quality. The photograph below is the epitome of a masterpiece.

Natthapol Tang

Black and white photography makes a statement that is timeless. The photograph underneath is lot of things and one of them is captivating. It's just time frozen, may be the magical thing about this monochrome photograph is the stolen and probably an inconsequential moment captures from the threads of time. And perhaps that is the beauty of it.

Olga Karlovac

Olga's images are absolutely haunting and moody. They are grainy and one of a kind. I have seen no other monochrome photographer click something like this. Her images evoke a very different feelings, probably evoking something that is going to stay with you. People, landscapes seem to be dissolving in the background in her photography. Perhaps, it speaks of transition.

Satoshi Inagaki

He is also an upcoming Japanese photographer, clicks random pictures but with awesome creativity. His imagination and the creativity is really good. Check out this image below.

Woody Campbell

He captures life. He clicks on the go and the photographs carry the epitome of life collecting small moments or rather extracting moments from the waves of life. He only clicks in monochrome and his images are beautiful.

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