Dhaval Shah

13th December 2017

How would you feel paying less for a solar roof than your regular one, or less for an electric car than the petrol car? Oh! Did I mention a lifetime free supply of electric charge, worldwide?

Fascinated by the idea? Wait till we take you through many more out-of-the-world innovations that might be a reality soon.

Elon Musk, a South African entrepreneur, engineer, businessman, and much more, is more popularly known as a founder of Tesla Motors &SpaceX. From selling his startup Zip2to acquiring SolarCity,Elon is working very hard to change the fate of this world with his innovative vision.

Let’s test how far you can imagine with Elon Musk’s top 10 world-changing projects.

1. Tesla Motors – Creating Affordable, Mass Market Electric Cars

Tesla,a brilliant man’s last name who lived under Thomas Edison’s shadow and died penniless, is now synonymous with excitement, future, & innovation. Started in 2003, Tesla Motors proved the benefits of using electric cars to the world by building some of the best models.

Roadster, the first mass-produced & all-electric vehicle from the company travelled over 320 kilometers on a single charge. Making improvements, Elon’s Tesla Motors earned distinction by making its first fully electric Sedan, the model S, the bestselling plug-in electric car worldwide in 2015 & 2016.

Looking for the free electric charge supply as mentioned above? Tesla’s supercharger network has over 5000 charging stations worldwide and Elon plans to offer free electric supply for a year to all Tesla car owners.

2. SpaceX – Innovating Space Travel & Colonizing Mars

Elon Musk wants to die on Mars, not Earth! How about you? Similar to Tesla Motors, SpaceX is also quite popular for its efforts to minimize

transportation costs, this time in space. The 2002-founded company made a historical move in 2012 by sending an unmanned capsule with supplies for astronauts worth 1000 pounds with Falcon 9.The vehiclemade another milestone by carrying a satellite to the geosynchronous transfer orbit in 2013, followed by DSCOVR satellite in 2015. SpaceX successfully tested the flight & landing of a Falcon 9 made using reusable part.

Under its mission to Mars, SpaceX& Musk are working to drop the cost of inter-planetary travel and start colonizing mars. Musk has also proposed theories on how to make the new planet’s atmosphere ready to be inhabited by people from Earth. Further, Elon’s personal mission is to send around a million people to Mars to make sure that humans can survive there.

3. – One of the World’s First Online Banks & Paypal

Being an entrepreneur, he used to wisely invest his money. This compelled Musk to co-found, an online financial service and e-mail payment company (in short, one of the first online banks of the world). Though the initial phase for had been a struggling one, Elonmanaged to attract venture capitalists and launched the first usable online bank. A merger with Confinity brought a new name to the industry, PayPal, which came in as a viral marketing campaign.

A disparity of views of the merging companies caused Elon to lose the position of CEO to Peter Thiel, PayPal’s co-creator. However, when PayPal accrued Ebay’s interest for a $1.5 billion deal, Musk received a share of $180 million, enough to fund his well-known innovations like SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity.

4. Hyperloop

Elon Musk unveiled a revolutionary idea of high speed transit system in 2013. A concept, which uses pods to take riders through a low-pressure tubes’ network at a speed of over 700 miles per hour. Claimed to be a safer travel technology than train or plane, the Hyperloop will be powered by renewable sources of energy and resistant to weather.

Hyperloop is referred to contain the potential of becoming the next great moonshot by Anthony Foxx, US Transportation Secretary. The pilot project is proposed to start with linking San Francisco and Los Angeles via pneumatic umbilicus, carrying pods/capsules using a series of linear magnetic accelerators.

5. SolarCity – Get Ready for more Affordable, Efficient Solar Power

Were you looking for the cheaper than regular, solar roofs mentioned at the top? Yes, SolarCity is the answer, co-founded by Musk with his cousins in 2006. With appearance being one of the major reasons for non-acceptance of traditional solar panels, Musk focused on creating attractive ones, in multiple style options. If you don’t find any style matching your interiors or existing tiles, SolarCity also offers you a complete solar roof option as well.

The company, later acquired by Tesla, is prepping up to offer free solar-powered electric charging stations to the owners of Tesla cars.

6. Electric Jet

Elon revealed his concept of an electric jet at the Aeronautics & Astronautics Centennial Symposium at MIT in 2016, but hasn’t yet started working officially on it. Also, on The Colbert Report, he mused on the opportunity of having an electronic supersonic jet that could take off and land vertically. Musk also added that propelling an aircraft with a fan driven by electric motorsis a great opportunity to eliminate the need of long runways, and create smaller airports.

7. Zip2–The first Online Business Directory

The idea might seem quite common today, but back in 1995, internet use for business advantage wasn’t popular. Musk borrowed money from his father to co-find this company (later sold to Compaq Computers) along with this brother. Zip2 started as a paid web directory for businesses, linked to maps, allowing users find directions to their desired store without the need to open a separate map.

Not only with the web directory, Musk influenced investors with his extraordinary drive using a massive computer case for the exhibition. After getting a huge investment, Zip2’s focus was changed from businesses to newspapers, allowing them to make posts like real estate.

Though he became immensely popular recently, Elon Musk has been working to create a reality out of his innovative vision from the very start.

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