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22nd May 2021

Carpets are a great flooring design at home. It offers a comfortable and aesthetic view. However, with the heavy traffic it receives from your household and visitors, the carpet can become the hotspot for filth and germs.

Carpets can catch and absorb anything that falls on them. It may be bread crumbs, dog poop, kitten litter, etc. Carpets may look clean and pretty on the surface, but underneath holds much nasty grime and filth with all the accumulated wastes mentioned above. 

With this being said, it is crucial to monitor and clean your carpet regularly. Otherwise, your household will suffer from all the negative impacts. Enlisting the help of service providers for carpet cleaning in Oakland is also a sound choice if you cannot do it yourself.

Here are the significant impacts of a dirty carpet:


1. Leads to significant damages and replacement

The accumulation of dirt and waste on your carpet can cause major damage on your carpet. As you neglect to clean it off, these elements can ruin and weaken the structure and fiber of your carpet. This will eventually destroy the carpet quality. 

Also, the longer you wait to remove the stains and dirt, the harder it will get to eliminate them. By regularly cleaning them and hiring professionals for carpet cleaning services, you will be able to save your carpet and avoid the trouble of having to replace them. 

Preserving the quality and condition can help increase the longevity of your carpet, much to your advantage if you collect or buy expensive carpets. Well-maintained carpets can last up to decades. More importantly, you will be able to save money.   


2. It gives off a foul odor

Your carpet absorbs any organic matter in its layers, which sticks for a long time or until it is cleaned off. This can cause an unpleasant odor that not only fills your house but will be averting visitors, especially the ones you wanted to make an excellent impression to. 

The primary cause of the odor is the collective rotting elements underneath or on your carpet. If you have pets, their feces and urine can also add to a foul smell, especially when you neglect to locate or clean it. 

Cats, for instance, have a way of hiding their litter which can be challenging to locate and clean. Moreover, if your pets weren’t trained to pee outside your house or in the toilet bowl, then it can be a problem. You never know where they would pee, and as it dries off, you will be unaware that they made your carpet their toilet. But you will smell them. This can be pretty nasty, especially when you enjoy lounging, sleeping, and sitting on your carpet. 


3. Attracts pests and insects

The food crumbs and spilled drinks you neglect to wash off can invite unwanted guests such as pests and insects. Cockroaches, ants, and rats will be feasting on them. They might even become frequent guests if you fail to act out immediately. 

The worst part here is the carpet absorbs the grime and liquid in its fabric which these pests and insects can also nimble on mistaking for food. This will end up ruining the fiber and the carpet as a whole demanding replacement. 


4. Your pets might nimble on them

Pests and insects are not only the animals to nimble on your carpet and end up destroying them. Pets can smell and eat anything that appeals to them. Without remedial action, your pets might end up frequently sniffing and nibbling on your carpet whether or not there are food crumbs or spilled drinks. 

This is because it will condition them to think that food is served on the carpet. You can avoid this problem with regular cleaning and washing. 


5. It makes your carpet heavy

As the dirt and filth settle into the depths of your carpet, it becomes heavier than the carpet itself. As you continuously walk over it with your shoes, sands, and soil would accumulate over time, adding weight to the carpet. 

Other elements that can make your carpet heavy include pet hair, dust mites, dead skin cells, volatile organic compounds, and different types of allergens. While it is important to vacuum them off or put them under the sun to kill off mites, it will not suffice to eliminate all the debris collected within the depths of the fibers. Seek the help of professionals in carpet cleaning in Oakland. 


6. The 5-second rule

Bacteria and germs can live up to 4 weeks on your carpet. If you have the habit of eating over your carpet, in the living room, for instance, do not think that your food is safe from them. Many people stick to the five-second rule, which says it is okay to pick and eat food that has fallen on the floor. 

You may have been fast in picking it up, but this is not true, according to scientists. While some bacteria are harmless, this one can cause diarrhea. Worse, if you are accustomed to wearing your shoes inside your house, then it can be a problem, especially when you accidentally stepped on animal feces while outside then walked on your carpet. 


7. The bacteria and germs can make your family sick

The filthy elements accumulated on your carpet can invite germs and bacteria that can cause diseases and infections for your household. A dirty place often becomes the breeding ground for germs and other harmful organisms. 

Moreover, it can also make your indoor air unhealthy, causing allergies and recurrent respiratory problems, which can be more detrimental for people with heart problems, allergies, and asthma. It can also cause eczema, allergy, and rhinitis. 

Below are the harmful germs that thrive in your dirty carpet and cause health problems:



These bacteria are the most notorious among all the harmful organisms that could thrive in your carpet. It can cause severe diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain. Worst case scenario, it can cause bloody diarrhea, kidney failure, and dehydration. Also, pet feces and urine contain e-coli and may cause an infection. 

This is one of the primary reasons you need to stop picking fallen foods on the floor. 


Salmonella is one of the primary bacteria that causes diarrhea and abdominal pains. The elderly and children are the most vulnerable to these bacteria. It comes from contaminated food and dirt from your shoes. 



Another harmful bacterium that can plague your carpet is the norovirus. It can be life-threatening to elders, children, and those with underlying conditions. Norovirus can survive in your carpet for an extended time. And it also causes a contagious stomach and intestinal virus. 

To prevent and minimize such problems, here are some things you can do:


1. Remove your shoes upon entering your house

Wearing your outdoor shoes and walking on your carpets can add dirt to your carpet, which eventually causes sickness and other problems. As you go about your business outdoors, you step on the different kinds of filth that could get into the bottom of your shoes. Some of these elements can include spit, animal feces, and urine, human urine, etc. 


2. Avoid eating over the carpet

Eating in the living room or any area where your carpets are can risk them with the fallen food and spilled beverages. This habit can ruin your carpets. Also, if you are the type to conduct parties, it would be best to remove your carpets before inviting heavy traffic to walk on your floor. If not, you can request a professional carpet cleaner right after the party is over to prevent the spilled drinks and food from sticking into your carpet. 


3. Regular cleaning and seeking professional help

With regular cleaning, you will save your carpet from total ruin and prevent replacing them. Vacuum your carpets at least once or thrice a week; better off, seek the help of carpet cleaning experts to do the job once in a while. Their equipment and method would eliminate even the toughest stains and debris accumulated into the depths of your carpet fibers. 


4. Pet training

Pets are one of the top filth contributors to your carpet. Their urine and poop on your carpet can cause a nasty stink. This is precisely why you need to have your pets trained to use the toilet. You can also opt for using animal diapers. For cats, you can either teach them to poop in the bathroom, outdoors or provide them with a cat litter box with sand as their toilet. 

Carpets will inevitably get dirty over time. However, you can still prevent and minimize the wastes and filth on your carpet, as the procedures and reminders above indicate. Not only will it increase the durability and longevity of your carpet, but it will also prevent your family from developing skin diseases and aerial infections.

Dirty carpets are not a pretty sight. Accumulated dirt and other elements can change the color and quality of your carpet, making it look old and faded. 

Vacuuming will not be enough to clean your carpets. It will not reach or eliminate the muck, grime, and mites in the carpet. You will need to call a carpet cleaner expert to handle the cleaning adequately. With this being said, you can call on the carpet cleaning in Oakland for good service and results. 


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