Priyanka Pandey

20th April 2020

Digital Marketing, at present, is the need of the market where everything is turning online. Everyone wants to rank their website on SERP, they follow all the ways to get this but it is not an easy thing to rank on Google. Digital Marketing includes everything from SEO to Social Media Marketing, as wella s PPC i.e. paid marketing. Digital Marketing is also the most followed career way right now, with many youngsters following it and mastering it. Check out these that you should be following as digital marketer.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the guru of SEO. His knowledge and skills are absolutely enlightening. For anyone who is just starting out in SEO shoudl religiously follow his both blogs and vlogs. The knowledge that he hasto impact will definitely open various windows of the mind and make you look at thinks in a realist way. His experience speaks for itself. Thelanguage that heuses inhis blog is easy to understand and simply with appropriate explanations of jargons.

Simo Ahava

He is the master of javascript. His knowledge, skills and the way he play around with JS is simply commendable. If you are facing any trouble Google Tag Manager, he is a guy to go to. I am regular user of his ideas in my own analytics implementation. They just have a way of simpifying the date capture process. His language is to the point and sometimes funny and personal. He often gives talk on how to Google tag manager can be further improved. If you are really interested in understanding the intricacies of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, this is the place to go. Your every problem will have a solution here. His various articles can be around the understanding of the GTM script, or how to implement user ID and show client ID as the custom dimension in your Google Analytics table; which in my point of view can be a very useful in the long purview of the things.

Analytics Mania

This blog is all about educating people about Digital Analytics who know and don't know the intricacies of coding. Their approach is at times quite technical but easy to understand. They often point out interesting demarcations about the various terminologies of Analytics and makes it easier to understand and use by the novices. His various articles can be around on how to implement site search for your website, how to track single page websites, or how to implement user id through various ways.

Search Engine Land

This website is a good source for learning about SEO, SEM and various other digital marketing tactics. They have a good deal of resources for SEO and you can really learn a lot from their blogs. They have painstakingly researched blogs on the intricacies of google search console and how it can help you boost your seo efforts. Their articles range around the topics such as the difference betwwen the data in Google Search console and Google Analytics, how you can GSC to your benefits, how to use of schema can boost your seo efforts among others.

Reliable Soft

This website is all abotu SEO. A jackpot for all the seo analysts out there. Their articles will help you analyse the keywords gaps, they also talk about what steps you should be taking to update your seo, the latest seo checklist and how to revamp your efforts for SEO. Their articles talk about stuffs such as top keyword research resources, how to increase page speed etc. This is a good website to hone your SEO skills.

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