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1st January 2018

I still remember the early 2000s when I had started my career. It was a time when career options were few and far between; when career choices were predominantly influenced by the popularity of a handful of professions that were all the rage back then. It was an era when launching a successful career implied the bagging of lucrative white-collar jobs for the average bright minds or obtaining a medical doctorate or an engineering degree for the elite group of rank holders.

Back then, creative pursuits did not really feature in one’s list of worthy professions. More often than not, such interests were looked down upon or treated as inferior vocation options - more suited for the academically weak students with limited career options. The meritorious ones were earnestly advised against taking up such fanciful engagements that were better pursued as hobbies - certainly not to be considered seriously enough to be explored as full-time occupations! Not to forget the widespread unawareness and unwillingness of the masses in acknowledging and embracing new and emerging fields that also held great promise for employment opportunities and future prosperity.

A lot has changed since then, especially when I think of the present-day career possibilities that are out there for one to explore and pursue. I am amazed at the unbiased mindset of working professionals of today to let go of their traditional, secure jobs and embark on exciting and offbeat career paths - quite unthinkable even two decades earlier! I am pleasantly surprised to see how we, as a society, have become more aware and receptive of these unconventional career choices and how we are happily encouraging our loved ones to chase their dreams and convert their skills and talents into a source of income! Indeed, we have a long way since those days when one’s financial worth and social standing were judged by his or her distinction as a white-collar, blue-collar or a pink-collar worker. Today, more and more career enthusiasts are opting for professions that not only offer them a high earning potential but also provide them with an avenue to leverage their creativity and imagination, irrespective of the so-called occupational classifications of these career paths!

If you too are on the verge of kick-starting your career and do not wish to tread the conventional route, then here’s a list of promising career options that are worth exploring for their future prospects and money-making opportunities.

Information Technology and ITeS (Information Technology Enabled Services) 

While IT and BPO jobs can no longer be dubbed as offbeat career choices, considering that India’s $160 billion IT industry has been generating large-scale employment for the country’s youth for a considerable period now, the fact remains that the ever-changing IT industry is prone to dynamic and frequent changes with rapid emergence of novel and disruptive technologies, thereby constantly creating/uncovering new and untapped opportunities in this sector. Thus, if you are bored with the cliché roles of a Software Engineer, Programmer, Technical Support,  IT Help Desk Analyst, System Analyst, IT consultant, BPO/Customer Service Executive or a Data Entry Processor, then consider exploring career opportunities in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Big Data, Cyber Security etc. - revolutionary technologies and specialised functional areas that are being proclaimed as the hottest IT jobs in the highly tech-enabled and automated world of the future.

Real Estate

Factors such as India emerging as an attractive investment destination for many domestic and international investors, unprecedented growth in the service sectors boosting the demand for office spaces in Tier 2 cities, globalisation of businesses leading to a rise in business travel and hotel stay, a flourishing domestic tourism industry, a burgeoning middle class population with increasing disposable income and a newfound appetite for luxurious goods and properties and the announcement of government initiatives such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Smart Cities Mission to provide affordable housing to the urban poor and modernise 100 Indian cities have collectively contributed to the fabled real estate boom in India - characterised by rapid and planned infrastructure development across its residential, retail, hospitality and commercial sub sectors. Despite reasons like inadequate cash flow, stringent loan approval policies and piling up of unsold inventory catalysing a slump in the realty sector in recent years, the future of this sector looks promising with prediction of a 30% growth rate over the next decade. Considering that the Indian real estate sector is also the second largest employer in the country and boasts a high-growth potential, steering your career in this arena can be a wise and profitable move on your part.

Project Management

Projects, both long-term and short-term, are an inevitable aspect of any organisation and the need to skilfully plan and manage them perpetually exists, especially in light of the fact that projects require meticulous management for successful accomplishment within the given constraints of scope, time and cost. If you consider yourself as an expert planner with impeccable organisational and communication skills, then a career in project management will suit you. In case you are still wondering whether a transition to this field is worth considering or not, then here are few telling facts that will help you make an informed decision. According to the globally recognised Project Management Institute (PMI), there is a widening gap between the need for qualified project management specialists and the availability of certified professionals who can fill the gap. As more and more industries and professional services become project-oriented, an estimated 15.7 million project management roles are poised for creation globally by 2020 - a staggering count that gives you reasons enough to shape your career in this discipline!


If you have a way with words and can pen down your thoughts and feelings in a compelling, eloquent and creative manner, then you may find your true calling in blogging - a popular form of content writing that is fast emerging as a full-time career option for many aspiring writers and creative souls. The variety that this writing job brings along with it is what makes it so alluring and attractive for many wannabe writers and professionals looking for alternative career options. The best part of blogging is that it is completely risk-free and there is hardly any investment that you need to make to kick-start your blogging journey. All you need to start off is a computer, an Internet connection and loads of passion to weave creative stories that connect with your audience. You can begin your blogging career as a freelance blog writer by enrolling with a reputed freelance-friendly platform such as Aileelsoul or get noticed as a blogger by writing guest posts for someone else’s blog/website or even start your own blog with a free blogging site or a self-hosted web space to develop your credibility and readership. You can further amplify your income by monetising your personal website through ads and affiliate marketing.

As long as you are passionate about a subject and boast a sound understanding of it or are eager to compensate for your lack of knowledge by brushing up your know-how of a particular topic or domain, you can literally leverage your creative skills to write on a wide range of subjects across multiple industries and domains. Knowledge of day-to-day writing tools such as WordCounter, Grammarly, Hemmingway Editor, Copyscape Plagiarism Checker, Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics will help you give your blogs a professional touch and tailor them in a manner that they are able to fulfil their end objective - whether it is in relation to engaging a website’s visitors with fresh and meaningful insights or in context to enriching a site with keyword-optimised content that boosts its rankings on search engines or simply to ensure that the website is regularly updated with  relevant and top quality content that boosts its reputation and increases its chances of attracting organic traffic.


Do you pride yourself on your unrivalled creative and aesthetic sensibilities? Are you one of those who boast vast knowledge of precious metals and rare gemstones?  Do you have a fetish for creating dazzling masterpieces that stand out for their flawless cuts and finish? Then a sparkling career in jewellery designing awaits you! Gone are the days when the importance of jewellery was limited to its financial worth or its use as an object of luxury. With time, jewellery has evolved as a non-negotiable fashion element, so much so that no attire or look is deemed complete unless the get-up is accessorised with a trendy statement neckpiece or an elegant pair of costume/solitaire earrings. To make a foray into this field, you need to back up your passion with a specialised course on jewellery design. After course completion, you can expect placement in sectors as diverse as jewellery designing houses, fashion houses, export houses, start-ups etc. If the idea of a 9-5 job doesn’t appeal to you, then you can also consider offering freelance designing services from the comfort of your home. Self-employment is also an option for those bitten by the entrepreneurial bug as up-and-coming jewellers can establish their own jewellery designing ventures to promote and sell their eye-catching pieces.

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