Tripti Dutta

26th December 2018

" You can think of freelancing as volatile and risky, or as flexible and opportunity-rich. Doesn’t having multiple sources of income and multiple money making skills sound less risky than putting all your eggs in one employer’s basket? Freelancing lets you shift gears when the world does.”  

- Sara Horowitz (The Freelancers Bible)

You can work from home, sitting in your comfiest PJ's while chewing on pizza, and watching Netflix. You are your own boss and lucky enough to turn your hobby into a money minting job.

Isn't freelancing a total win-win?

The current decade is popularly known as the era of Gig economy. Famous for its dynamic nature, short-term contracts, along with the added advantage of autonomy, freelancing is becoming the go-to choice for the millennial workforce.

Below is a list of all such freelance websites where one can find freelance opportunities as well as hire an army of freelancers irrespective of the fact whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh college graduate trying to earn some bucks.

Table of Content (Quick Navigation to jump onto particular category sites)

1. General Freelancing Website

2. Freelance Websites for Beginners

3. Freelance Websites for Writers

4. Freelance Websites for Programmers and Developers

5. Freelance Websites for Designers

6. Freelance Websites for Tutoring

7. Freelance Websites for Translation

8. Freelance Websites for Virtual Assistants

9. Freelance websites for Photographers

General Freelancing Website

1. UpWork

Boasting 1.5 million clients, Upwork is arguably one of the most popular and highly competitive freelance websites. Suitable for experienced freelancers, it offers both long-term and short-term gigs across endless work categories. However, the platform carefully scrutinizes each client and freelancer's profile before approving it. Also, it charges commission from both clients as well as freelancers on the amount billed.


Based in Sydney, Australia slightly differs from the rest of the lot as it makes it mandatory for the freelancer to have a paid subscription to be able to bid on projects. It offers great opportunities in writing, marketing, designing as well as in the accounting field.

3. Fiverr

This not so old website provides freelancers with the opportunity to post their own jobs according to their skill set. It gives freedom to freelancers to post different packages of various gigs. The minimum price point for any gig is $5. It also charges some commission for every gig sold.

4. AileenSoul

Aileensoul is an emerging online job portal that allows you to search among various freelancing projects. Freelancers can directly communicate with recruiters. Even it shows you suggested freelance work based on your skills which can save your search time. Just make your profile, upload your resume and you are good to go. The plus point is it's completely free to use.

5. Simply Hired

One of the best freelancing sites out there, this one picks all the openings posted across numerous job sites and website listings, offering a wide range of opportunities across endless professions.

6. Toptal

With a rigorous screening process, Toptal offers best online jobs to experienced candidates. Only 3% of the total applicants become successful in joining the team after successfully clearing the interview round. And the highly qualified talent pool gets competitive remuneration from big players.

Freelance Websites for Beginners

1. Linkedin

Predominantly a business networking site, but recently it has turned out to be a "must be on site" for anyone searching for right opportunities. You just need to share your academic qualification and start applying to openings with the help of its Linkedin Job Search feature.

2. People Per Hour

This freelance website offers opportunities pertaining to web projects. If you are looking to land a gig related to designing, SEO specialist, website designing, etc then you should definitely give this one a try.

3. Internshala

Best suited for students searching for internship opportunities, Internshala is free and quite easy to use. Just upload your resume and start searching across multiple postings. It offers virtual as well as in-office job openings too.

4. Guru

A hot favourite among beginners, it offers freelance job openings of various kinds across multiple categories. It also charges 9% as there commission.

5. FlexJobs

This one aims to make freelancing flexible. It offers openings ranging from part-time, long-term, etc and that too across 55 categories. You need to buy a subscription plan to get started.

Freelance Websites for Writers

1. Constant Content

A freelance website for writers, Constant Content enables the writers to sell off their articles to content-searching clients. It's on the higher end of the paying scale. You just need to apply, submit a sample and it should be at par with their writing guidelines.

2. ProBlogger

If you are a fresher and looking to land any kind of writing gig, then this one is perfect. It offers a number of low-paying writing gigs across various niches. Moreover, it is free to use.

3. BloggingPro

Similar to ProBlogger, this one is free to use and you can find different types of freelance openings from internship to contract or part-time to long term. It also offers a good number of opportunities in blog management and copywriting domain.

4. Freelance Writing

This freelance website gathers various writing openings posted across various sources. One can apply for these external openings by clicking on its job source and can also, see the ones posted exclusively on freelance writing.

5. All Indie Writers

This one not only offers writing tips to budding writers but, also has a freelance job opening board which gives information regarding the pay range, category and it's all for free.

Freelance Websites for Programmers and Developers

1. Codersclan

This freelance website is exclusively meant for freelance programmers and developers. It offers a large number of small-scale gigs to pick from. It neither takes any interviews nor performs direct hiring. It itself matches and designates clients to the freelancers.

2. CodementorX

This one is home to 250,000 developers and 8000 experts. Its client list boasts of many Fortune 500 companies and the workforce consists of top-notch developers with a high-level skill set. Freelancers go through a nine-layer screening procedure to get assigned to a client.

3. Joomlancers

If you are a software expert looking to breakthrough into the domain of freelancing then this one is your best bet. With a short sign up process and by cracking a small skill test, you can land your very first project. It follows the bidding style and the difficulty of projects varies from average to hard. Thus, it is not ideally suitable for freshers and beginners.

4. Gigster

Home to 700+ freelance developers, it brings together a bunch of developers lead by a project manager who reports directly to the client.
The portal has a strict screening process which makes it a little harder to get accepted. Also, it relies on Artificial Intelligence for the match-making procedure.


An exclusive portal for software experts, it relies on the project-based selection process to match freelancers to the clients. The pricing model of this job portal is quote based and its talent pool consists of experienced professionals.

Freelance Websites for Designers

1. Coroflot

Ideal for well-established and experienced professionals, this one acts as a matchmaker between clients and freelancers. Clients post about their assignments and it relies on AI to do the rest. So,  Just sign up on this website, share your portfolio and viola! it will start assigning projects to you as per your skills and experience.

2. 99designs

An exclusive freelance website for designers, it holds designing contests and allows freelancers to have feedback from clients. A client can directly buy the design they like and even place a customized order. This website offers a great way for designers to showcase their skills.

3. Envato

This freelance platform offers a great way to freelancers to showcase their creative skill set. Clients can choose freelancers depending upon prices, recommendations, past work and exercise greater authority over the entire process.

4. Dribbble

This platform allows you to share screenshots of your artwork and then creates a talent pool consisting of all such freelance designers. The clients can avail paid services for $99 every month.

5. Zoe

This one acts as a matchmaker between the clients and freelance designers. It assigns freelancers to the project the within seven days of its posting by the company. Moreover, no fees are charged till the time no match is made.

Freelance Websites for Tutoring

1. Chegg

One of the most highly paid, freelance tutor website Chegg is a great way to earn a handsome income by just tutoring. They pay $20 per hour for any subject that you tutor. The registration process is quite tedious and can take a couple of weeks to get accepted in the fold. One can choose multiple subjects to tutor and can tutor or reply to any of the queries posted by clients or students whenever you get free time.


Another online freelance website for tutors, this one joins you to a community of students ranging between K-12. You just need to help students with their homework and at least devote five hours per week. It only accepts tutors from  USA and Canada. Before you start tutoring, you need to clear the subject test and a mock tutoring assignment.

3. TutorVista

This platform gives both part-time and full-time opportunities to freelancers. And one can either pick 4-hour or 9-hour slot to tutor. The tutoring schedule is pre-decided and you need to serve notice for it to change. As per its eligibility criteria, you need to have a master’s degree in the subject you want to tutor as well as some teaching experience in the past.

4. OkTutor

This freelance tutoring website offers lucrative wage rate i.e. $5 per hour along with an added 20% bonus if the client is very satisfied with the tutor's work. One needs to pass the exam for the subject(s) they want to tutor. Payment is done twice every month via PayPal.

5. Revolution Prep

Popular for giving tutoring services for various entrance exams, this one offers a handsome wage rate with added bonuses to its tutors. The sales team itself matches tutors with students. So, freelancers don’t need to worry about searching there students.

Freelance Websites for Translation

1. TranslatorsCafe

This website is exclusively a networking platform for freelance translators to connect with clients. Here you can find lots of exciting opportunities relating to translation and can go for the ones you are interested in. Therefore, setting a direct relationship between the client and the freelancer. It offers free as well as paid membership plan. The payout options include Paypal, Western Union, Skrill and Moneygram. International.

2. Unbabel

This freelance website is home to more than 40k freelance translators offering services in more than 28+ languages. Freshers can earn up to $8 per hour and experienced translators can easily earn up to $18 per hour. An added benefit of using this website is that provides freelancers with an AI made copy of the assignment to be translated. Moreover, its recently released mobile app makes it easy and convenient to mint money anytime.

3. Translatorsbase

Similar to other websites, this one allows freelance translators to work flexibly according to their schedule. Also, along with a huge network of 60,000 translators, it also offers services of translating agencies which can be hired too. The platform claims to successfully complete 85,000 assignments on yearly basis.

4. Proz

With over 80,000 freelance translators registered with this site, it is the largest job portal for freelance translators. You can register for free on this website. So, you start applying for the jobs.

5. One Hour Translation

As per this website, you'll have to translate 200 words in an hour. But, you can only work for 8-10 hours a day. You can join it for free and they offer $5.4 cents per word and you can draw your earnings via PayPal.

Freelance Websites for Virtual Assistants

1. Time Etc

This freelance website is specifically designed for those with a good amount of experience. All the freelancers at the Time Etc have at least 5 years of working experience as a virtual assistant and that too, for big MNCs. They offer a unique and flexible subscription plan as per which you can choose the duration of offering your services, say, ten, twenty, thirty, etc and the unused hours will be carried forward to the balance of next month.

2. Virtual Assistant Networking

This freelance job platform is exclusively made for building connections so, VAs working remotely can indulge in some networking. In addition to this, it also offers a job board where you can go through all the openings. Moreover, it is great for those who are just starting out and can make use of its beginner-friendly resources.

3. Amazon Mechanical Trunk

Also known by the name mTurk, this Amazon backed freelance website for virtual assistants presents them with an earning opportunity in exchange for tasks incapable of being performed by smart machines. To get going you need to have an Amazon account with necessary details and start searching through various gigs posted. However, it offers low-paying projects to freshers and those with high approval ratings and experience are shown high paying projects.

4. Fancy Hands

Fancy name for a fancy site, this one employes freelance VAs to fulfil the requirements of their clients. They offer all kind of services from doing data entry to making phone calls. They even offer executive managerial openings too.

5. ClickWorker

To join this website you need to crack its test. Once you are successful in doing it then you can freely surf through its various job openings. Big players like PayPal are known to post their vacancies here.

Freelance websites for Photographers

1. Shutterstock

Love clicking pictures? Want to earn a handsome income? If yes, then start selling your photographs on this freelance photography website. It has a long list of clientele and freelancers can easily sell their images to buyers around the world. The portal offers two types of plans - Royalty Free and Editorial. To join the website you need to submit ten pictures out of which minimum 7 needs to be accepted by the website.

2. The Creative Loft

This freelance website portal is exclusively for freelance photographers. It offers openings across diverse niches of photography like wildlife, fashion, wedding, travel or interior designing, etc. The assignments posted here are suitable for those looking for long-term, part-time and short-term projects.

3. Photography Jobs Finder

Quite similar to the rest of the job boards, Photography Jobs Finder is your traditional freelance website where clients post requirements for there various projects and freelancers can apply for those gigs they are interested in. Another added benefit of using this website is that it is free and fast. So, go don't miss this one out!

4. Photography Jobs Online

This one doesn’t deal in job postings and is quite different from the rest. All kinds of pictures lying idle on your hard disk can be posted on this portal and can turn out to be a great source of earning side income if you are just a beginner and want to give freelancing photography a shot.

5. Getty Images

One of the very first stock imagery websites, Getty is one of the most well-known freelance websites for freelance photographers. They follow strict standards and guidelines so make sure you follow them diligently. On the payout front, they offer 20% to the photographers. But, the number of traffic it attracts is of great help in making future sales happen.


So, what are you waiting for?  Polish up your resume, start checking and registering yourself on various websites and never restrict yourself to just one job portal! There is a sea full of opportunities waiting for you to dive in.

So, go start applying and hunting for your clients now! Also, let us know in comment section which websites you found most useful.

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