Yatin Belani

10th January 2018

My engagement with hiring goes a long way…almost a decade I would say! During this long span, I have hired many employees - both in the capacity of an Operation Manager and as the co-founder of a bootstrapped startup.

As a manager in a corporate set-up, I had to adhere to certain non-negotiable specifications when hiring people for my teams. These included minimum educational qualification of a candidate (a graduate at the very least), his or her past experience (not applicable to roles that allowed the hiring of freshers) and clean background check results. A candidate was only hired after he or she was able to successfully meet these requirements (notwithstanding the multiple rounds of discussions that the candidate had to undergo with the Operations and HR departments).

On the other hand, recruiting for my salon business was less elaborate, less bureaucratic, and at times less time-consuming too, if not less taxing! Here, I had the freedom to hire people on my own terms and conditions with no mandatory fulfilment of any criterion. I had to trust my instincts and leverage my experience to judge potential hires and emphasise their talent and skills more than their academic qualifications, which in any case was bare minimal or next to none!

While the two hiring processes had few stark differences in their execution, they were premised on similar goals - search for the best possible talent who can get the job done for you and will stick around for long, without immensely hurting your pockets. Apart from the distinct pros and cons of each process, there were three key challenges that I found common to both, with varying degrees of intensity. These are as follows:

Challenge 1

Finding the right fit to fill up your job vacancy can be challenging, time-consuming and extremely effort-intensive - factors that can wear you out in no time! This is especially true when you have aggressive hiring deadlines to meet or have to urgently backfill a role that requires niche skills, domain expertise and vast experience. Moreover, despite the prevalence of online job boards, job portals, recruitment agencies, referral processes, employer websites, social media, newspaper advertisements and several other hiring channels, spotting a deserving candidate who fits your role requirements to the T is almost like hunting for a needle in a stack of hay! And those that you do manage to detect after exhaustive rounds of discussions and evaluations, you either lose them out to competition as you cannot match their compensation expectations or you end up hiring them at the expense of exceeding your allotted budget.

Challenge 2

With stringent labour laws in place, the decision to let go of employees is one that is subject to intense scrutiny these days and is often avoided. Make no mistakes here. In my long stint as a people manager, I have never advocated the infamous ‘Hire and fire’ game - a culture that I find utterly disrespectful and regressive. As a leader or a business owner with a bunch of people reporting to me, I have always believed in giving fair chances to people, even when they have had a slow and shaky start or occasional performance hiccups along their way. However, one aspect that I have never compromised on is a team member’s bad attitude as I do find merit in the old saying of “one bad apple spoils the barrel”.

While hiring full-time employees benefited me as I did not have to hunt for a replacement anytime soon (unless my hire resigned in lure of a better pay package or other uncontrollable factors), getting rid of the bad apples quickly turned out to be a big ask and a long-drawn process at that with lengthy discussions, improvement plans, warnings and what not coming into force - not to mention the detrimental effects of such processes on the team members’ morale and performance!

Challenge 3

With the world becoming more competitive following the entry of multiple players and emergence of disruptive technologies, the need for one to be adept in a variety of skills has never been so eminent before. This is the era of optimal operations where one has to don many hats simultaneously to meet mounting cost pressures. One is expected to be up-to-date with the latest tools and technologies that can drive efficiency, cost benefits and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, when you hire full-time employees, you only get to exploit limited skill sets that are conducive to specialised roles and responsibilities. Moreover, the full-time nature of their jobs hardly gives permanent employees any time to pursue comprehensive courses that can enhance their knowledge or add to their existing repertoire of skills. Thus, as an employer, you either end up replacing/realigning such employees or make them undergo intensive training programmes at your own cost.

Hire a Freelancer to Solve Your Recruitment Woes

All the above challenges can now be addressed with one solution - freelancers! These are contract-based employees who work as independent professionals and are not bound by the rules and regulations that are applicable to full-time employees. They are paid on the basis of projects that they undertake, without any entitlement of salary or additional perks. As an employer, you do not have to bother about the cost or hassle of arranging for the necessary infrastructure as freelancers manage their own work-related equipment. In addition, you are under no obligation to continue with a freelancer after the ongoing contract has ended, especially if you do not find him or her suitable for your needs or don’t have enough work to keep the freelancer engaged. The decision to work with these contractors, long-term or short-term, solely rests on and you are not violating any law by terminating the association early! The cherry on the cake is the unmatched versatility that freelancers bring to the table! Thus, you no longer have to make do with permanent employees who come with a handful of specialisations as you can benefit from a wide selection of skill sets and unique experiences that are required to outperform the competition and grow your business.

Aileensoul - Your One-Stop Solution for Your Freelance Hiring Needs

Aileensoul is an all-in-one platform that provides a host of career-related services to a diverse audience, including employers who could be start-ups or established firms in search of freelancers for their various business needs. To avail yourself of the platform’s useful services, all you have to do is register yourself with the site and create a Freelance Employer Profile (Choose ‘I want to hire Freelancer’ option). You are now ready to post projects and hire freelancers at the click of a button - it’s that easy! The platform has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for employers to browse through the profiles of verified and recommended freelancers, shortlist suitable profiles, initiate chat to converse with the shortlisted freelancers and hire the deserving ones based on their competencies, domain expertise and experience.

What attracts employers to Aileensoul is the fact that it is completely free! Because there is zero investment on the employer’s part, Aileensoul is a godsend to many cash-strapped start-ups and small businesses who work with a meagre budget to manage their day-to-day operations and marketing initiatives. Employers do not have to pay any registration fee or incur charges for posting projects and using the platform’s features and services.

So, whether you need to hire temp people for one-time assignments, seasonal volume spikes, niche short-term projects or any other temporary engagement that can be accomplished remotely and with effective collaboration over digital tools - you can fulfil all your needs under one roof by hiring a freelancer via Alieensoul’s platform.

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