Priyanka Pandey

8th April 2020

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” - Émile Zola

Art is one of the most magnificent and emotionally driven things in this world. You feel a myriad of emotions when you look at real art. Even though art, outwardly, is just a stroke of brushes and a deep mixture of colors, it can never fail to evoke your emotions. Sometimes, certain mixtures of colors bring out certain memories, a long remembered nostalgia for places long gone.

Art is always fascinating. It has that visual beauty that various others form of expressions lack. Isn’t it strange how the mere mix of colors on a canvas can entice you or can be emotionally evocative. That’s the beauty of Art. As Rainbow Rowell famously said in his book Eleanor & Park that Art is not supposed to be beautiful, it is supposed to make you feel something.

We all know those hidden artists who have a way of presenting things wonderfully. However, they do tend to hide away from showcasing their talents to the world. In the age of Social Media, it is n’t hard to find the right viewers for your content and showcase your art to the world, all through the one click of your phone. There are many people out there who have achieved great success by showing their art on social media and gathered large fan following. They are also earning through social media.

We have compiled a list of the Artists who Got Famous through Social Media

Sushant S Rane


He is a young and brilliant artist specialising in 3d Art. His skills are magnificent and beautiful. He is known for his hyperrealism art, drawing inspiration from everyday objects. Check out his work below.


Sabeena Karnik

She lives in Mumbai and is a phenomena in paper lettering and paper art. Her work speaks volumes about her mastery in her chosen art form. Her art form evoke vibrant emotions, absolute happiness. Her choice of colors are great, always going in for peppy colors. Check out her work below.

Chiraag Bhakt

His art is evocative. He draws inspiration from real life people, often creating, direct and meticulous representation of them. His work is simply spell binding. Check out his work below.


Hari & Deepti


Their art is of another level. Downright thought provoking. Looking at them you are bound to wonder the reason behind their inspirations. Check out their art below.

Mooge Handmade

It’s a phenomenal account creating art of the porcelain plates. The art is fabulous and drawn very punctiliously. If you are looking for custom made art to decorate, this is a way to go. Check out their work below.

Here are some Influencers who can help you establish yourself on Social Media.

Abstract Painters

This social media account is all about abstract paintings. The ones that evoke crazy emotions. They share abstract paintings from various artists on their social media handle and help them gain the right reach and engagement. Check out some of the work below.

Endless Art Lover

They are also influencers who share art from all over the world. They have huge fan following that can get you the right engagement and reach, perhaps to your target audience. Check out some of their work below.

You can also share your Art with us on & get paid for it.

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