Nisha Raj

18th November 2017

Creative excellence and the way it aptly ensures your mental enrichment

Raphael was a small boy of two when he came to the UK holding his parent's hand. A native of Nigeria, this new place felt as foreign to him as it did to his parents. They lived in a place where there were not any other immigrant families like them. Little Raphael found it hard to settle down, and the place always felt foreign to him until he reached secondary school.

Then, something happened which changed everything, it was the introduction of arts in his school. The little boy found his solace in the world of art. He at once found his calling and went ahead to do art GCSE. Initially, his parents were not on board with the idea which was quite natural as they knew nothing about the world. Raphael passed with flying colors and went on to open his own art forum where young and old come and express their ideas and share their views openly.

This is just an example of how art changes your life. It lets to connect to your roots and tune in to your emotions. There is hardly any other form that lets you express your emotions as freely as art does. You get attuned to all of your inner feelings when you speak through your work.

The art and artists

Art is nothing more and nothing less than an expression of our innermost thoughts, emotions, and wishes. Art is all about the way we view the world and a way of communicating our experiences and emotions to the world. It does not matter what is your medium of art, be it singing, painting or dancing, if you can immerse yourself in it, it becomes a part of your soul and your one true calling.

The origin of art can be traced back to the beginning of the human civilization. As early as the Neanderthals also used to have art in their life in the form of cave paintings. They used to depict their daily life which came as a valuable bit of insight into their life for those of us who came after them.

An artist is someone engaged in the creation of any form of art. Anyone who has new and innovative ideas of her own and pursues her passion towards it with full fervor is an artist. It does not have to be limited to the set definitions of art like dancing or singing. We tend to view art through a very narrow perspective. For most of the people art means painting, dancing or singing but truly speaking art has no limitations. Just add creativity and your soul to whatever work you do and it becomes a piece of art, be it a dish of food, a website or just anything. Steve Jobs the creator of Apple Inc. believed in creativity and art and probably that’s why he went on to designing the most beautiful products than anyone one else, because his work was a piece of art. Just think of a chef and an actor, they are also artists in their own field. Creating a new dish and garnishing it to heart’s content is nothing less than artistry.

There is an artist in every one of us. Aileensoul is an amazing web portal for artists to promote their talent to the world. This portal allows artists to upload their art, so that the world can acknowledge their talent.

Changing for the betterment of lives all around

Henry was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was as young as 20 years old. The condition was so serious that he refused to go out after almost drowning in ice cold water while swimming at an estuary in Newhaven. His life changed after he was introduced to music, after constantly getting treated for eight years. In the present times, he has a family, and he has not yet given up his love for art of producing new music. And that is the sweetest incident on how art makes lives better. Show your Art to the World

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