Yatin Belani

16th October 2017

At one point in the yester-years, people worked jobs to feed their family and themselves. In this day and age, people work not only for a steady source of income, but also for a sense of fulfilment that one gets from doing something that they love. Thus, it is important for an individual’s work- be it a job or a business or a skill that they practice- to align with their interests and mainly, their passion. If not, one ends up in a daily monotonous struggle that does leave them satisfied, but not inherently happy.

It might not always be the easiest task to land that perfect job for yourself. What is needed is a single roof where all your job-related needs are satisfactorily met. Aileensoul is a completely free platform for career-related services, such as hiring, freelancing, networking and much more. It is a portal that seeks to connect recruiters to prospective employees. It also helps businesses connect with each other, as well as artists find a platform for their talents. Simply put, anyone with any requirement related to the job or business sector is sure to find a solution on Aileensoul.

There are many problems encountered by both employers and employees while looking for a perfect fit for themselves. In the age of technology, there is an overwhelming amount of job portals, freelancing sites and such that make it difficult for an individual to single out the best one. There is the added hassle of creating and maintaining separate accounts for all these sites. Moreover, there has been an alarming increase in the number of start-ups in the past decade. Most of these business face the problem of being unable to recruit capable, trustworthy employees, owing to the newness of their business. There are artists that usually work on project basis, who find it difficult to find a decent job or project. Aileensoul seeks to provide solutions to all of these problems. On this portal, everyone from start-up companies to multinational corporations can find suitable recruitment. Freelancers and artists can find a platform for themselves on Aileensoul that truly values their talents.

On Aileensoul, job seekers can easily search for their desired profile, shortlist jobs that pique their interest, and then apply for the same. They can also connect to the recruiters’ profile to find out more about the same. Aileensoul also allows businesses to connect with one another, update information and indulge in contact networking. On this portal, artists can upload their PDF files, videos, images, etc so as to find the right audience for their talent. Freelancers can connect to agents and other mediums to find the perfect project that meets their skill set.

Aileensoul is a unified platform for every career-related need that an individual may have. It provides solutions for every sector of the job market, from job recruiters to job seekers to artists. Aileensoul’s mission is to help people discover and rediscover their perfect career and to help them grow in their chosen career. It also seeks to end unemployment and by extension, poverty, by setting people up with their desired jobs or finding them projects that not only provides a source of income, but also instils them with a sense of contentment.

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