Yatin Belani

19th December 2017

A decade or two ago, when the digital wave was yet to sweep across the country with the kind of momentum that one witnessed in the last couple of years, the challenge faced by job seekers and recruiters due to the dearth of a user-friendly and feature-rich career-focused platform was evident all across and manifested itself in many ways.

At the outset, it hindered the career pursuits of many candidates, especially the freshers who had a hard time figuring vacancies that were up for grabs in the job market. Even if these career enthusiasts did manage to chance upon a suitable opening through newspaper adverts, job boards or referrals, sourcing authentic insights about their prospective employers often turned out to be an arduous affair.

Consequently, instead of getting first-hand information about the hiring company’s work culture and growth opportunities, one had to rely on hearsay or simply trust their own instincts and proceed with their applications.

Not to say that back then one did not have the advantage of digital platforms, such as employment portals that could ease their job hunting. They sure did! However, such portals were few and far and not many were reliable - actualities that did not help matters much.

Moreover, many such websites ran on a freemium model which restricted the users from accessing important features that enabled seamless collaboration between the users and recruiters unless the former opted for paid services - an undesirable barrier that prevented many from clearing their doubts upfront before they chose to go ahead with the opportunity.

The scenario was not very rosy for the recruiters either because they had a tough time adhering to stringent hiring timelines, especially when bulk hiring had to be done and offline job postings and face-to-face interviews were the order of the day.

Absence of an artist-friendly platform also hampered the creativity of the imaginative souls who struggled to find a way to showcase their art and talent to the wider community outside - not always with the sole intent of selling their artwork to this forum but just to get their art noticed at times and also to collaborate with fellow artists and art communities.

Fast forward to a few decades later and one now has the benefit of an all-inclusive platform, such as Aileensoul to fulfil their creative and career-related needs - needs that can be as varied as the desire for an open and far-reaching platform that can help the creative personalities bring their art out in the open or the necessity of a fully fledged employment portal that enables both freshers and experienced professionals to explore rewarding career opportunities and engage in direct communication with company recruiters, freelancers and business professionals from different walks of life.

Aileensoul - A Comprehensive Platform That Fulfils Every Need of Yours at Different Stages of Your Life

Aileensoul is a completely free and innovative career-oriented portal that pushes the boundaries of conventional employment portals and job boards to encompass an array of features and offerings that address a variety of career-related needs, ranging from job search and hiring to freelancing, business networking and showcasing of artistic abilities.

One of the most attractive facets of the platform is its innate versatility that makes it relevant for individuals at all ages and at every stage of their lives - starting from childhood to mature adulthood!

So, irrespective of whether you are a student who is looking forward to an internship to gain hands-on experience before applying to a full-time job or a first-time job seeker who is exploring suitable employment opportunities in his or her chosen field or a veteran professional who is planning to leverage his or her years of experience by launching a venture of his/her own - Aileensoul can give you the perfect platform to bring all your plans to fruition.  

Here’s how you can exploit the website’s compelling service profiles to accomplish your miscellaneous needs - no matter when your need arises or at what age!


Even if you are in the midst of your studies, it is never too early to start preparing for your career. In fact, if you want to avoid the stressful period of having to apply to multiple job vacancies before you land the opportunity of your dreams, then it is wise for you to start developing your skills in tandem with your knowledge, particularly if you are at that stage when you are nearing your graduation.

An internship is an effective way to gain practical experience in your chosen field by working with a firm or organisation in the capacity of an intern. It will allow you to gain valuable exposure to the key skills that are required in your specific field and help you prepare yourself adequately to face job interviews with confidence.

By registering with platform’s ‘Job Profile’, you will have access to the multiple internship and apprenticeship listings posted by companies across industries and sectors, thus giving you a golden chance to work in an organisation’s Operations, HR, Marketing, Finance or Training department and a rare opportunity to hone your skills outside of your studies.

Likewise, if you are a skilled dancer or a talented painter, then Aileensoul’s ‘Artistic Profile’ will come in handy as you can utilise this profile to upload photos, PDF attachments, audios and videos of your talent for everyone’s notice and knowledge.

Because the platform is frequented by a growing and diverse pool of professionals from varied fields and industries, it is quite possible that your art/talent manages to arouse the interest of a fellow artist or an influential contact who can give you your first break that can help you make it big in the art or entertainment world, without you having to experience an endless wait for your career to take off once you complete your studies!

If you are one of those who have a knack for visual arts, such as writing and designing, then you can also put this unique talent to good use and make some money as a student by logging in to the ‘Freelance Profile’ and exploring lucrative freelance work that match your skills and remuneration expectations and do not interfere with your study schedules.

Indeed, with a platform like Aileensoul, you can look forward to umpteen possibilities that you may not even have been aware of or fathomed till now!  

Job Seekers

One of the major hurdles faced by fresh college graduates is their relative unawareness of how and where to kick-start their search for a job.

Aileensoul solves this dilemma by giving job-seekers a platform to browse through a gamut of job vacancies posted by recruiters from different fields and industries.

To get started, one just needs to access its ‘Job Profile’ and create an account by filling up important information, such as education qualification, project and training/internship details, work experience (for experienced professionals), skills etc.

Once the profile is created, candidates will be able to peruse the recommended job openings that have been shortlisted by the portal’s in-built algorithm, based on the details mentioned by the users at the time of profile registration.

Other than suggesting relevant jobs that are attuned to one’s skills, experience and qualifications, the website also allows candidates to view a recruiter’s profile and proactively contact the recruiter using the site’s messaging feature.

One can even call or email the recruiter directly if the latter has shared these details on the platform.

Apart from aiding first-timers in launching their careers, Aileensoul’s ‘Job Profile’ also caters to experienced professionals who are considering mid-career switches or planning to change jobs for want of better career opportunities and pay packages. 

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers 

Despite the fact that a full-time job has its own perks that include a regular source of income and job security, current trends indicate that more and more corporate professionals are willingly giving up on their high-paying but monotonous jobs to take a plunge into the challenging yet fulfilling world of start-ups and entrepreneurship.

Similarly, with the country’s start-up culture gaining momentum, freelancing is fast becoming a much sought after option for many working professionals who covet the innate flexibility that freelancing brings along with it.

If you too are at that juncture of your life where you envision yourself stepping into the shoes of a successful businessman/businesswoman or an in-demand freelancer, then you can bank on Aileensoul to bring forth opportunities in this regard as well!

As an upcoming entrepreneur who is planning to launch a venture in a known or unknown field, you can expect myriads of challenges to come your way.

Many a times you will feel the need to consult the opinion of experts regarding matters that you have little or no experience of. By registering with the platform’s ‘Business Profile’, you can address this need too.

This service profile will enable you to connect with like-minded business people who belong to the same industry or sector as you and who are experienced enough to share proven tips and advice on how to solve everyday issues and bottlenecks that are common to your type of business or industry.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with a diverse set of people with different educational and professional backgrounds is not only enriching but also an unmissable chance to build and grow your business network, which, in turn, can open the doors to new possibilities.

Once you have registered with the ‘Business Profile’, you can also leverage its helpful newsfeed feature to stay updated with the latest happenings in your specific business arena. All you have to do is follow a particular business category that interests you and the most recent update or news pertaining to your category will be made available to you via emails and notifications.

You can even promote your venture by uploading eye-catching posts, photos, videos and audios via the platform to reach out to your target audience and drive end user engagement.

Thus, if you have recently started a salon business or a restaurant and are wondering how to introduce and popularise your salon’s services or restaurant menu to others, then you can exploit this platform to increase your brand’s awareness and spread the word about your latest promotions and offerings without having to spend a penny from your pocket!


Once have successfully launched your business and garnered all the help and advice that you required to stabilise it, you will also be thinking about growing your business and making profits.

To expand your business, you will need the support of additional resources, both material and people, to manage the extra workload and responsibilities. This is when the need to hire more people will naturally arise. Depending on your skill requirement and the scale of your business, you can choose to hire full-time/part-time employees or freelancers as may be suitable for your business and budget.

Here too you can trust Aileensoul to help you accomplish your diverse hiring needs in a seamless manner and within the expected timelines.

To hire employees, you need to register yourself as a recruiter under the platform’s ‘Recruiter Profile’. Doing so will grant you access to create and post jobs on the platform, view profiles of job seekers and that of recommended candidates who match your job specifications in terms of skills, qualification, experience etc., shortlist and invite prospects for a round of interview and even communicate with them via the platform’s chat window.

If you feel that hiring a freelancer is optimal for you considering your short-term needs and budget constraints, then you can hire one by creating a recruiter account for yourself under the ‘Freelance Profile’ and clicking on ‘I want to hire Freelancer’. Once you have completed the recruiter account creation process, you are all set to peruse applications of skilled freelancers, initiate chats to gauge their competency levels and hire the deserving ones as per the demand of your business. It’s that easy and hassle-free!

Now that we have revealed the various ways in which Aileensoul can act as catalyst for the success of your career plans at different stages of your life, it is time for you to get a first-hand feel of this free platform in order to discern how its thoughtfully designed features and service profiles can give impetus to your career without the customary obligations of paid subscriptions and commissions or the rigid rules and regulations that are typical of most job portals and freelance platforms that exist in the market today.

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