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1st October 2020

A PDF converter software is a program which allows you to change the file format of most readable computer files into a Portable Document Format (PDF) or to change what’s already a PDF file into a different format, such as, for example, into that of a Word Document (DOC/DOCX).

A PDF, to put it simply, is a self-contained document that consists of formatted text and images which are supposed to look the same no matter what type of computer setup you open them on.

When you open a PDF document, you are seeing exactly what the creator intended, without the added trouble of having to figure out which one out of the many Windows operating systems are compatible with the format. They all are!

This format was developed in 1993 by Adobe and has gained widespread popularity throughout the globe for being the final solution to most document-related needs. Back in the early days of the internet, the only way you could reliably save a flyer or a brochure to your computer was as a PDF.

The PDF has become open standard since 2008, which has further encouraged the adoption of this format by those who are in need of presenting their documents in a high-quality manner. Most professional work environments, for example, make extensive use of PDFs in order to properly store documents designed for printing.

Nestled among thousands of “download pdf converter” ads on the internet is none other than CoolUtils’ Total PDF Converter, which has been around since as long as 2003.

Coolutils Total PDF Converter Review

Why would one need a PDF converter?

Well, what are you going to do if you need to undergo an urgent JPG to PDF conversion? And what if you need to change your PDF to Word format? Well, that’s where Total PDF Converter comes in.

If you’re looking to convert PDF files and are in need of a free PDF converter to satisfy all of your PDF file conversion needs, then you’re in luck, as this software is free for all its 30 days trial and has been working perfectly fine for a long time now.

The first thing you notice when you start up CoolUtils’ Total PDF Converter is that the interface looks a bit outdated but in time you’ll see that the software is very easy to use. While some work has obviously been done to make its UI more palatable to the modern person, it is clear that not much has changed since its release back in the early 2000s.

The program’s interface, however, is not what we’re here for. As soon as you open up the software you will notice the topmost toolbar is chock-full of all sorts of file formats you could be transforming your PDF into. This is as simple as clicking a button and choosing your file — the conversion process is easy to go through even for the uninitiated.

Total PDF Converter has friendly User Interface

With that being said, Total PDF Converter does give the user a good variety of choices when it comes to customizing your reformatting process. For example, you can choose where to dump your newly converted file and whether or not to save all the pages of a PDF file or just a couple of important ones. You can rotate your document as well.

How many file types can be converted?

Probably more than you need. As of 2020, Total PDF Converter features a total of 21 file formats, including lesser-known ones such as CSV or XPS. Word, Excel, Powerpoint— all of the big three are supported by this software, and you can even dabble with the Excel formatting directly as well!

Total PDF Converter Enables You to Convert Various Formats Into PDF and Vice Versa

One of Total PDF Converter’s most useful features is the ability to convert files in batches. You don’t need to manually convert each and every file, as you can select several of them to queue for conversion.

Other neat features include being able to seamlessly extract the images used in a PDF file, to encrypt files, or to remove the usage rights on the file altogether. You can also e-sign your PDF by applying a document certificate via a PFX file.

Furthermore, Total PDF Converter lets you add computer folders to your list of Favorites, so that you can easily access them whenever you need to convert a PDF quickly. You can also print files through it as well.

These extra features are a superb addition to a thoroughly solid PDF converter.

If you’re looking for a great PDF converter that has a free trial, easy to use, and powerful to boot, then it’s more than likely that CoolUtils’ Total PDF Converter will satisfy your needs. It does the job, and it does it well, despite there not being any sort of added glamor.

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