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29th November 2017

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I can predominantly remember when I sold my first painting in the school fete during my younger years. It is my most cherished memory as I received appreciation and reward for my talent, however, when the reality of stepping into the marketing world strikes, most of us have to first test the waters. There is a marketer in every human being and while some are trained to harness it completely, some individual require nurturing skills in doing so.

As quoted by Joe Chernov -

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

This saying is true in the arena of marketing, as marketing professionals in today’s world cannot take a back seat, but need to overcome the shortcomings and harness the strengths to succeed. You need to be great not just good to enhance the client engagement and interaction. Every aspiring marketing professional requires great skills to nailing all the interviews and show their power.

Don’t let your weakness overtake your life!

Lakshya was a brilliant MBA student studying in IIM Bangalore, but being an introvert was the greatest interruption in her life. Marketing professionals need to interact with clients at every level, but Lakshya felt that it was the most difficult trait as she could not even intermingle with her classmates or teachers amenably, let alone about strangers. The realization hit her when she got placement as an intern in a multinational company. Other MBA students were preferred over her, even though she was more intelligent and hardworking. “I need to communicate and interact if I have to succeed in life”, thought Lakshya, and decided to conquer her fear. She took one careful step at a time and befriended the company employees one by one.

Her communication level started to grow and Lakshya was no more the introvert kind. She practiced her marketing skills in front of the mirror which helped her overcome her fear of interaction. Within a period of one and a half months she started communicating with almost everyone in the office and was picked by her mentor to deliver a presentation to the clients from Japan. Although, internally scared, Lakshya practiced the presentation for the entire night with her roommate’s help and finally succeeded in managing it with great perfection. We need to take a cue from her aspire to fight our fears.

Let’s now talk about skills for marketing professionals that will help you attain success:

1. Explore the market:

If you want to succeed as a marketer, then it is crucial to know your target market. It is a basic marketable skill to formulate what the client wants and what the competitors are doing. You need to have complete data analytics about the potential clients and should plan your strategies accordingly. It is an imperative skill for the marketer and if you know your market well then your brand gets a major advantage in the marketing endeavors. Even though qualitative and quantitative data are quite helpful, but interaction with the audience helps a great deal as one can formulate their needs and requirements with more ease. It is vital to carry out your research and plan your strategy accordingly.

2. Be flexible and ready to learn:

You must have the capability to change according to the trends and demands of today’s ever changing world due to dynamics like the internet. Keeping up with the pace keeps your level up in the marketing with innovative ideas and plans as you need to learn fast and take instant action. Marketing field does not have a stagnant life and you need to be flexible to change according to the fluctuating times. Stay up to date with the market trends, strategies and processes and take a leap of success in life. Self-education is highly important and one needs to consistently read blogs, get training or attend seminars to gain it.

3. Use the technology to reach higher:

With the introduction of latest technologies in the field of marketing, common systems are taking a backseat. Marketers with skills about the latest technologies like E-mail marketing, SMM, SEO, data analytics, CRM etc. can emerge as a winner in their fields. Comprehending these abilities helps in the online marketing and you can compete with your competitors at every level.  Online digital marketing is the latest trend in the market and is overtaking the entire world by storm. Learning these skills can help a great deal as your success is easy to achieve with enhanced technical skills.

4. Practice critical thinking:

Thinking about a situation in a critical manner and analyzing it to control their efficiency is vital as your creativity gets a major boost and you can strategize your plan accordingly. Tactical thinking helps a great deal in making the brand successful and one can work out better schemes to make your campaign more efficacious. Critical thinking provides instant results and success in every manner of marketing.

5. Work with a team:

Marketing professionals cannot work single-handedly, but require a network or a team while working on brand promotion strategies. Collaboration and co-ordination with the team is the basic requirement to achieve the goal and in case of conflicts, one must take a holistic approach. It is the effort of the entire team that helps in achieving success and one should strive to keep the team together and work towards achievement of great success.

6. You must provide results:

Marketing is a field that works on the basis of results. The more client engagement you get, the better are the results. The marketing professionals need to work towards brand awareness so that the results are astounding in terms of sales and marketing of the product. These results are derived on a monthly basis and you must introduce breakthrough ideas that initiate the entire process towards success.

7. Give your clients an amazing experience:

In today’s world, successful marketers are the ones that provide a remarkable experience to their customer base. With the technology gaining popularity every-day, more client and brand interaction is taking place. With growing interaction daily, these need management so that a remarkable experience is created for the clients.

Using these marketing skills can help a great deal in reaching the desired goal in brand establishment.

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