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31st October 2017

Possibly one of the most daunting aspects of growing up and starting with your ‘real life’ is getting a company to hire you to work for them. While on Aileensoul (which happens to be the trendiest job hunting, hiring and networking portal) you can land the perfect dream job for yourself, you’ll have to go through the next part, that is, nailing the interview, on your own.

 Read on for some sure-shot hacks to shine through any interview you appear for:

1. Clean up your digital image

The first and most important thing you must do is clean up your social media presence. You might have had a very exciting college life that is splashed all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There might be controversial posts on the internet that could seriously jeopardize your chances of landing a good job. Almost every company these days does a background check on their prospective employees, and no employer wants to tarnish their image by associating themselves with questionable candidates.

2. Do your homework

This is the second step before any interview, one you cannot miss. Find out everything there is about the company you’re hoping to work for, because chances are, the employer might have questions pertaining to any aspect of the organization. From company history to work ethics to annual turnover, know the company inside out. Thorough research will shine through in your interview and may even make you stand out among other candidates. Whatever you do, do not miss this crucial step.

3. Dress like you already have the job

Although this seems like an unimportant detail, how you dress yourself at the job interview speaks volumes about your nature as a person. If you invest time and some resources into presenting yourself in the perfect manner, it tells the company that you are dedicated, invested and already a fit in their organization. Superficial as it may seem, your outfit, shoes and even your make-up can make a difference in the chances of your selection for the job you’re applying for. For example, while interviewing for a PR firm, remember that formal clothes, formal shoes and light make-up are a must.

4. The ‘Tell me about yourself’ fiasco

If you’re interviewing for a company, more often than not, it won’t be in a coffee shop or a pub. The interviewer is not your friend, he is not sitting on his chair to listen to your childhood and how your mother makes the best gajar halwa. This part of the interview should cover three important aspets:

1) Your strengths and weaknesses

2) Dominant personality traits

3) Why should they hire you?

5. Body language

Unspoken actions speak louder than the words you utter. Your body language is a huge determinant in how your interviewer sizes you up. Fidgeting, fast blinking, tapping your foot- all these actions show signs of nervousness. Maintaining eye contact while speaking to the interviewer is another extremely important rule you must adhere to. Looking elsewhere in an interview, or any social setting for that matter, is a sign of huge disrespect and may severely diminish your chances of being selected. Be calm, assertive and confident, and see where that takes you. Before get ready for the interview you must wrok on career planning. Here we have list of some best career opportunities in IT.

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