Things To Know Before Solar Panels Installation Australia

Real Estate / Property 07th January 2021


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Solar panels in recent times have seen an upsurge in Australia. With the government rolling funds for solar panels installation Australia, many homes and commercial spaces are opting for solar power system installations.

It is estimated that a typical solar panel Queensland installation can save more than 80% in electricity bills while a solar power system Brisbane installation can save more than 85% in electricity bills. This comes especially handy when you are looking for sustainable options that are good future options as well.

Solar Spirit solar panels Australia is a leading provider for solar power systems. With our expansive solar panel Queensland services and solar power system Brisbane services, rest assured you are getting genuine solar power systems that work the best for you.

This post discusses everything you need to know before solar panels installation and how they can bring massive savings to your life!

Things to Know Before Solar Panels Installation Australia

The need for roof repairs: While you are planning on installing solar panels, it is highly recommended to take the age and durability of the roof into consideration. In case your roof requires repair, renovation or complete restoration. In such a scenario, it is best to consider roof repairs before installing the solar panels. This way, you will be saving up on paying extra charges and ensure that your roof and solar panel installations Australia are compatible and last as long as 20 years.

Pro tip: Try to match the warranty on your solar power system to warranty on your roof. This way, you will be able to precisely calculate the total investment and expenditure next 20 years bring for you. While solar panels are one-time installation, it is in good practice to cross-check warranty of both, the roof as well as the solar power system to determine any rework or repair cost that can contribute towards an extended life of solar power system. 

Share of your roof matters: While roof has a textbook definition, it doesn’t necessarily follow a set shape. While planning to go ahead with solar panel installation, it is best to ensure that your roof has enough space to adequately accommodate the solar power system. In case there isn’t enough space on the roof, you may consider altering available spaces to accommodate the solar power system installation. 

Where does the slope face: The solar power system needs to be placed such that it can efficiently utilise sunlight to generate electricity. While most professionals prefer south as the best direction for placement of solar panels, it all depends on where the sun shines the bright for your living space and which direction ensures maximum and unaltered absorption of sunlight. 

The weight your roof can handle: A solar power system installation will increase the weight that your roof is experiencing. The weight is such that inadequate placement can make the roof collapse. Thus, the roof’s ability to withstand the weight becomes an important factor to consider when planning for solar power installations. To avoid any hazardous situation, it is always best to contact professionals when it comes to solar power installations. 

Connection to the grid: While the shape and structure of the solar panel play an important role in the selection, connection to the grid is one such parameter no homeowner should miss out on when installing solar panels. You must consider how your installation will connect with the local utility which will enable you to use stored energy at any time of the day.

While solar panels are crucial elements of a sustainable and green living, it is important to consider factors that can determine how smooth or complicated the whole installation and user experience will be. At Solar Spirit, we provide top-notch Solar Panel Queensland and solar power system Brisbane services. 

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