The Reason Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV Is Good For Medium Scale Business

IT Software - ERP,CRM 28th May 2019


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive ERP solution that delivers superior financial control to small scale and mid-size business enterprises. Dynamics NAV is fast to implement, easy to use, accessible and has the capacity to bring scalable growth to the business. Dynamics NAV assists small and medium-sized business by simplifying their supply chain, production, sales force, inventory control, and other business operations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is made available through an expert team known as dynamics NAV partner. The main role played by dynamics NAV partner is providing the business with integrated software that manages the business and automates work process; mainly back office functions. ERP solution such as dynamics NAV saves both time and cost by providing a systemized database to the management. Team managers can utilize the data layout for quicker decision making resulting in fewer errors, and better work management.

According to Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, ERP is that integrated myriad for business which delivers the below important functionalities;

  • Aids in making real-time decisions by delivering relevant information.
  • Best practices process
  • Allows improved visibility on database
  • Increases customer satisfaction by taking note of grievances and customer’s demands.
  • Manages and controls costs.
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Provides accurate records
  • Balances supply and demand in production units
  • Reduces lead times and increase throughput

Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner provide the dynamics tools in two types; depending on the user’s accessibility and demand;

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete solution that delivers business management toolkit for subsequent growth. Dynamics NAV increases efficiency and provides opportunities for the team to achieve success.

With an efficient ERP solution, it becomes easier for the business to get up and running quickly. The global dynamics NAV partner has the expertise to help create and deploy perfect Microsoft NAV solution. Dynamics NAV helps in managing;

  • Financial management and accounting- maintains general ledger books, handles cash, assets, and banking transactions.
  • Supply chain, manufacturing, and operations – keep a track on production, stock, order, vendors, and suppliers.
  • Sales and service management –manages company contacts, improvises sales opportunities, handles service contracts, and takes care of providing better customer service.
  • Project management- helps in estimating costs, project expenses, manage capacity, track projects.
  • Flexible deployment - deploys on-premises or in the cloud, depending on what suits your business.
  • Business intelligence and reporting – management gets a holistic view of business achievements and process data to makes informed decisions.
  • Support for international currencies – Dynamics NAV supports multiple currencies that help in globalizing your business. Additionally, NAV can be tailor-made to support multiple languages that give the global opportunity to business.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is much similar to office tools that business has been using till date. However, dynamics tools are capability rich in handling multiple devices and give a secured experience.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive ERP solution that delivers superior financial control to small scale and mid-size business enterprises.