Straight Tuck Vs Reverse Tuck Custom Boxes Packaging Solution

Packaging 05th June 2020



Are you running a business and want a mode for the safe delivery of your products? Do you want packing boxes? Are you worried about the types and material used in tuck boxes that are used for sending parcels, shipping, and packing? You have good news that the Custom Boxes Masters is here for your help in the selection and manufacturing of the tuck boxes and custom tuck boxes.

Tuck boxes are widely used for packing. It is an easy way to keep the products safe and secure. These provide safety and beauty and style at the same time. All the companies rely on tuck boxes for packing and safe delivery of their products to the customers. Almost all manufacturing companies use tuck boxes for packing. These are widely used for packing cosmetic products to electronic hardware products. All type of packing is in need of quality tuck boxes .in view of the emerging need of the packing boxes, our company offers a variety of tuck boxes at a low price.

Types of tuck boxes:

Our company Custom Boxes Masters offers all types of tuck boxes to meet the needs of our worthy clients. We offer Straight Tuck End, Reverse Tuck End, and Snap Lock Bottom for your convenience. We are aware of the fact that all products cannot be packed in the same kind of packing boxes, so we offer different kinds of tuck boxes to make your business flourish, help your staff in packing products, and giving a special style and identity to your company. Apart from these we also offer Customized Tuck boxes to promote your business and restore your unique identity in the manufacturing field. Here is the complete guide related to all types of tuck boxes.

Straight Tuck End:

The common type of folding box for packing is a straight end tuck box. Almost all products can be packed in this packing box. It has a transparent front display penal and the product is displayed from the packing. It saves the packed material from damage and gives it a different look and style. The top and bottom lids of the tuck box are at the back of the straight box and the presentation of your product is always on the front side. These boxes are pre-glued and no glue or tape needed for packaging. These boxes are coast effective and durable and keep your to your products is easy to assemble and provides a luxury look to your product. The straight tuck end box is made of paperboard and corrugated fiberboard.

Reverse Tuck End box:

Our company makes Reverse Tuck End boxes to meet the demands of our clients. Reverse tuck boxes are usually used packaging solution in all over the world. It is folded from front to back and the other side folds from back to front. It does not show the packed product. It simply covers the products and does not let it expose as its main focus is the safety of the material wrapped in it. This kind of custom tuck top boxes is easily opened and closed. It is considered perfect for packing in different items for example food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, etc. Such boxes are available in all sizes and shapes according to the demand of the is usually made of from cardboard stock, rigid stock, and Kraft stock. It gives eye catching look to the packing. It enhances safety and reduces the chances of damage to the packed items.