Shecup Cups: The New Sensation In The World Of Feminine Sanitary Products

Health And Fitness 21st January 2021


There is no denying the fact that menstrual cups have been around for many years. However, only now menstrual cups have become popular as women are more aware and commercialization is on fleek. Menstrual cups are a much smarter alternative to the tampons and sanitary napkins that are a cause of landfill upheavals and they are cost-effective as well. 

A shecup or menstrual cup is a compact, bell-shaped cup that is inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual blood during a period. Menstrual cups are made from medical-grade rubber, plastic, or silicone and they are mostly reusable. Women simply empty the cup, and they wash it with soap and water to insert it again and reuse it. A shecup can be used for nearly 6-12 hours depending on the flow, and you can easily find a menstrual cup online.

What makes menstrual cups better? 

Menstrual cups are like a higher upfront investment. They can last for several years. So if you buy a menstrual cup for teenagers, you can probably use them for a long time and get acquainted with the menstrual cups easily. As compared to the regular purchase of tampons or pads, you can save a lot of money on menstrual cups.

Some women also report that menstrual cups are far more comfortable than tampons or pads. They don’t tend to cause vaginal dryness, and there are also some anecdotal reports where women claim of having fewer cramps while using menstrual cups. When the cups are inserted properly, and they don’t spill or leak, you can even go swimming because the cups cause less mess. 

With menstrual cups, you don’t have to go for an emergency ad or tampon shopping because all you need to do is to buy a menstrual cup online and you can use it for several times. Besides, as the Shecup isn’t for single-use unlike the pads and tampons it drastically reduces the landfill impact. 

How to insert and use a Shecup?

Beginners are usually confused about how they will be inserting the menstrual cups. Generally, the instructions are the same for both menstrual cups for teenagers and menstrual cups for adults, however, the sizes are different. If you are using the Shecup for the first time then it is advised to read the directions on the packaging carefully. Never use lubricants to make the insertion process smoother because lubricants deteriorate the quality of the menstrual cup while hastening the insertion process. 

To insert a menstrual cup, you need to wash your hands properly with soap and water. Then fold the top of the cup and then push it into the vagina while aiming it towards the lower back. For some, the insertion is easy while sleeping, while some people prefer to be standing. It completely depends on your preference. Folding the cup might seem to be a bit complicated, but there are numerous methods to try. You can try a C or U fold, a 7 fold, or a punch-down fold. The key is to push the cup into the vagina once the rim of the cup is in. You have to push until the entire cup and step are inside. 

To remove the cup, first, wash your hands. Then using your forefinger and thumb, reach into the vagina and grab the stem of the cup to gently pull it down. Pinch the base of the cup to break the suction and then pull it out from the vagina. Empty the cup, sterilize it, and it will be ready for a second round. 

The bottom line

If a person is done using tampons or pads, then a menstrual cup can be a great idea. There are many brands of menstrual cups available for purchase in both offline and online stores. Ensure to always read the instruction and if possible, talk to someone who is already using the cup. You can always talk to your gynecologist to become more familiar with the menstrual cups. Surely, it may take numerous attempts to figure out the proper way to use a menstrual cup, so do rely on patience and perseverance.