Searching For The Right Cordless Leaf Blower

gardening 27th January 2021


During the fall season, it’s quite expected that you’d end up having a lawn packed with leaves. Leaves look great on trees but not as great when they’re all over your lawn. You can rake them up but that’s not the best option to get rid of them as you can get yourself the right cordless leaf blower to finish the job in a much faster time.

Nowadays there are plenty of choices for cordless leaf blowers and it can be hard to find the right one for you because of the many choices but there are things about cordless blowers that you must look for when you’re searching for the best backpack leaf blower that is cordless.

First thing you want to look for is a quality blower. It doesn’t always mean it’s the most expensive one, you can find a quality product at a price that you can afford. Check the maker of the blower if it’s a reputable company with good reputation and that means they are making quality products.

You must also consider the weight. You’d rather have one that’s lightweight so you won’t end up feeling like the job is a lot more difficult because of the weight you have to carry around. Also, check out about its charge. Cordless blowers are battery operated and you must first know how long the battery will last. It should be long enough that you can finish your job before you need to recharge it so you won’t end up frustrated that its power ran out.

Price is also a factor though it’s not the most important one to consider. Cordless leaf blowers are usually more expensive than one that is corded but the convenience it gives you makes it worth the extra bucks. But you still have to choose and compare prices of different cordless blowers and look around from different stores or over the internet. Their prices vary even though they are actually the same unit. Also check for the leaf blower ratings online here.

Cordless blower is indeed a great option for choosing a new blower. You’ll find that with this type of blower cleaning the leaves out of your yard is going to be much easier and will take less time.

Makita BUB182Z Cordless Leaf Blower Review

The BUB182Z is a cordless leaf blower. Its primary function is to help clean areas that tend to collect leaves and dust.

This tool’s motor has a speed of up to 18,000 RPM, with an astounding air velocity of 129 mph. It is comprised of 3 speed levels: High, Medium, and Low which is equivalent to run time of 12 minutes, 25 minutes, and 75 minutes, respectively. It runs on the 18V Compact Li-Ion battery which you can get for an additional cost (battery does not come with the original package). Lightweight at 3.9 lbs, it is also very compact with a length of approximately 20 inches.

The BUB182Z retails on Amazon.Com at $119.99 although you can take advantage of the current promotion and buy it for $105.63.


1. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. It is very easy to use and lightweight.

3. It has a soft grip handle which gives comfort to its user.

The BUB182Z is manufactured by Makita, a world-renowned power tools maker largely popular for making tools that are simple, lightweight, and powerful.

What Customers Say about the BUB182Z

The general feedback obtained from users of the BUB182Z is positive, although there are very few people who are not completely satisfied with the product.

One customer says that the tool is really very easy to use, and in fact, he lets his young daughter use it for cleaning. He recommends the BUB182Z cordless leaf blower for small to medium sized areas though he uses a bigger tool for major cleanups.

Another customer mentioned that although this tool is compact, it is quite powerful. He said that even with the nozzle being narrow and short, it is able to blow leaves in the sidewalks, just as well as gas powered blowers do. Additionally, it saves him the hassle of having to deal with electrical cords when cleaning.

There was one customer who complained about batteries not included in the purchase. He claims that it was not mentioned that he had to purchase the Li-Ion batteries separately, which is not necessarily true because it has been indicated clearly.

Overall, customers are mostly happy and grateful they bought the BUB182Z.