Positive And Negative Impact Of Communication Technology Development In Digital Era

Telecom - Mobile Technologies 17th April 2020


Technology is playing a very important role in our lives because we are connected to technology somewhere. Such as mobile, computers, television, smartwatches and many more. Which we use every day. Everything applies technology to facilitate various activities. There is a technology that is getting faster day by day which is communication technology. Many different findings and innovations in communication technology have brought this technology into a new era.

Today's digital age offers so much to us that we never thought in our dreams, by which our life has become very easy, or if I am not mistaken, communication technology has made our lives extremely easy. Although there are some negative effects of communication technology, we should always avoid them.

The following article will discuss the positive and negative impacts of the development of communication technology that you should not miss. The following information.

The Positive Impact of Communication Technology Development

1. Connecting People Around the World

Communication technology has a great impact all over the world. Not limited between cities and between regions, communication at this time can be established even to all people in all corners of the world. we can see and talk to anyone, anywhere, anywhere in the world. We should have an internet facility, which is available to everyone nowadays. Not only that, but you can also connect very quickly even in seconds.

2. Fast Information Dissemination

Technological developments also have a positive impact on information dissemination. If you used to rely on newspapers or television to find out the latest information, now the internet takes the role of both. The presence of the internet makes information dissemination happen very quickly and even in real-time. What happens this second in the other hemisphere you can immediately know immediately.

3. The Emergence of Social Media

One of the developments in communication technology is marked by the emergence of social media. Social media is a means for you to be able to connect with friends, family, relatives anywhere through a special platform. Examples of social media that are widely used by the public are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to connecting you with old friends and distant relatives, social media is used for business purposes. Promoting and buying and selling through social media is even now a very effective way to collect rupiah coffers.

4. Means of Sharing Files

The development of existing communication technology also makes it easier for you to share files. Starting from music, videos, movies and various other data you can get with just a few clicks. Through internet intermediary media, this file-sharing activity is even easier to do.

5. Advancing the World of Education

The rapid development of communication technology also supports the advancement of education. Now people who live in remote or remote villages can also enjoy the internet. Therefore, the information they get now does not depend on book sources. Through the internet, students get additional knowledge and new insights very easily and quickly. Equitable education is now becoming something that is not impossible anymore considering the benefits of communication technology can now be felt even in remote places.

The Negative Impact of Communication Technology Development

Besides giving many positive impacts, it turns out there are still negative impacts that can occur in the development of communication technology. The advancement of existing communication technology has actually reduced the fighting spirit for some people. Because everything feels easy, many students, for example, only purely copy and paste in doing the given tasks.

In the business sector, advances in communication technology have also fueled cybercrime. Virtual crimes such as hacking and carding also have harmed many people. Therefore you must be more careful in conducting online transactions so as not to fall into fraud.

The rapid development of existing communication technology also attacks the social life of the people. Cyberbullying actions, hoax news dissemination, hate speech, and pornographic content are considered quite disturbing. The resulting effects are not trivial matters because they will damage the nation's generation and divide the unity.

Similarly, information related to positive and negative impacts caused by the development of communication technology today. You as a good citizen must be wiser and observant in utilizing existing communication technology. Hopefully, in the future, there will always be solutions that can eradicate the negative impacts that are likely to increase.