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Essential Services 21st December 2020


Stain Removal Services Box Hill can bank on!

Before we dive into cleaning talk let’s agree on one thing mates-

Dirt is everywhere! So no matter what we do, things will get dirty!

The question that we need to ask is - how to get rid of the dirt and stains. If that’s something that’s been worrying you, then here’s good news- you don’t need to worry about those stain removal Melbourne concerns any more! NY Cleaning is here to help you with your cleaning needs.

Among all the things, the ones that get most dirty are our car seats, carpets, and tiles. In this article, we are going to discuss all three of these in brief. Buckle up Melbourne for a quick tour of what is ruining your car, carpet and tiles and how can we fix it.

Keep the car’s interior anew with our car cleaning services Box Hill 

If your car is used regularly then chances are that it is swamped with dust, dirt, and stains. People, who take good care of their cars regularly, take them to the car wash drive-through, but is that enough?

The interior of the car gets dirty because of dirt carried by shoes, body oil, dead skin cells, and what not! Not to forget, the accidental spillage of food and beverages can ruin your car’s well-being.

At NY Car Cleaning Services Box Hill, rest assured you are leaving the car with cleaning experts. We thoroughly clean the car’s interior with our flagship car cleaning, carpet cleaning and stain removal services Melbourne specific. 

Your garage’s floor needs attention mate!

Gone are the days where it was just gravels or concrete beds in the name of the floor for garages. Different choices are getting popular when it comes to flooring needs and fit to lifestyle. 

Here are 3 popular flooring choices gaining momentum these days:

Hardwood flooring: wood is never easy to deal with.

Hardwood is known for its appealing touch and the charm it adds to aesthetics. However, the major problem with these flooring is their high maintenance. Being wood, it is always prone to rot and such damages just cannot be reversed always and may require complete renovation or floor repair. Even if the wooden flooring is somehow protected against water and pests, its susceptibility to temperature is always a factor.

Tile flooring: old but gold

Tile floors are not only cheap, they are highly convenient to have around. Although they do get real dingy, the constant dirt from outside, our feet and the vehicle’s bottom can ruin one’s experience of a beautiful and functional garage. With NY Cleaning, rest assured you can stop worrying about all kind of tile cleaning Melbourne problems. 

Carpet flooring: Appealing and convenient with carpet cleaning Melbourne experts 

Carpets were always the most popular choices for floorings for homes. Now people are installing them in the garage as well for the convenience they bring. The only challenge? - irrespective of the aesthetic appeal and comfort, carpet is still a magnet for dirt. With professional carpet cleaning services, a carpet can restore its health and lustre worry-free!


Don’t let the dirt get in the way of a clean and functional garage and car! Things do get dirty but they don’t need to stay dirty. We are here to make your garage and car clean as if new. In a nutshell, it is time to stop worrying about things getting dirty. You can focus on rest while NY Cleaning carries out the car, tile, carpet and rug cleaningl services, absolutely hassle-free!

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