Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Online & Offline Marketing / MR / Media Planning 29th June 2019


This article will prove helpful in showing you what you are doing right, what you should be doing to have your SEO successful, and what you should not be doing at all. It is easy to bend and break Google rules, but this might be as well a ticket to the death of your domain on google. Here are some of the mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Avoid Non-Focused Keyword Content

One of the other SEO mistake that people is to write content that does not focus on a keyword or a particular topic. What happens when you try to write on too many issues and diversify your content, your quantity increases while the relevancy diminishes. Google focuses on its users getting the most relevant answers to the queries that are trustworthy and best answers the question on the first page. The only way to help Google out is by writing well-structured content that covers a specific keyword or topic with a high level of relevancy. Always remember your aim is not the keyword, but how well the content augurs with the keyword. Also, don't use three or more keywords in an attempt to make your content featured rather stay focused to avoid some issues.

2. Use Original and Elaborative Content

One of the biggest making people make in Google is trying to write duplicate or thin content. Google is not interested in this content and is not ranked. Whenever your content is shallow, or leave out essential details on your topics, such as in-text citations and external links to support your content, Google deems that content non-helpful. The best way to avoid this pitfall is taking quite a good time researching about what you are writing, put it down and make it as detailed as possible. Even though it is brief, then try making it to the point. Always write in-depth detailed and insightful content that will provide the best answers to the user.

3. Use Well Structured Sentences and Grammar Free Content

Excessive grammar and grammar mistakes are so common. What such grammar does is that it turns users off from reading your content. It is also hard to read such material, which is mostly the case. Never forget that anything that does not help the users is not helpful to google either and will be ranked lowly on google. It doesn't necessarily mean for your content to be acceptable must be error-free, but a mistake here and there might not be that bad. You might try writing your content on Microsoft word and transferring it to WordPress. You might also consider using some grammar checkers to ensure your content is easily readable.

4. Have a Mobile Friendly Website

The future of the web doesn't have quite have a factor yet. As the screen size decreases and becomes more irregular, the need to have a mobile-friendly website becomes key. The desktops are slowly being replaced by mobile phones; hence, a website that can support both is better. Google is now more focused on mobile phones because as time goes by, the number of searches from mobile phones is increasing. You have to ensure that your website can easily be read from the comfort of a mobile phone. You can prove this by using a phone and trying to go through your website and see what points you need to improve on.

If you want to avoid SEO failure, be sure to take some of your time and go through tips carefully and learn more. Don't be obsessed with being perfect but correct everything bit by bit until you get to utmost perfection. It all begins small. These SEO mistakes are taken care of SEO Consultant Delhi. They are expert and know all the important factors of SEO which is useful to increase the business online. 

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