How To Encourage Your Kids To Love And Respect Ramadan?

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Ramadan is the holiest and respected month due to its sanctity. Muslims respect the month of Ramadan from the core of their hearts and do not commit sins during the whole month to gain piety. Performing more worships becomes the habit of Muslims and most of the Muslims perform Umrah in this month. If you have a mindset to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan, cheap Umrah packages are the best fit for you.

Every child is born upon Fitra (as a Muslim):

Connotation of a saying of Hoy Prophet is that every child is born upon the nature of Islam. His/her parents are responsible to guide him on the right way. A child is pure and is free of sins. He does not know difference between right and wrong. His parents make him choose the right path or wrong path. A child born in the house of a Muslim becomes Muslim and a child born in the house of Non-Muslims becomes Non-Muslim. A Muslim hears the sound of Azan when he is born but Non-Muslims do not act upon this activity.

Encourage your kids to love and respect Ramadan:

Kids cannot understand what is good and what is bad for them. Muslim parents should teach them to love and respect Ramadan. According to the saying of Holy Prophet the correct guidance to children is the best gift given by parents. Ramadan is the best month among all other months. Your children will repeat the activities that you will do. They always follow their elders and try to implement all those activities in their practical life. Therefore, show them the right path.

Ask them to offer prayer regularly:

Only parents are responsible for the training of their children. Parents should offer prayer five times in the Ramadan and should ask their children to offer prayer five times a day. It will develop a habit of offering prayer among kids. They will come to know the importance of Namaz in Islam and also they will come to know all about the ways to offer prayer. They will never leave prayer in their life if it becomes their habit. A person cannot leave the good habits developed due to the advices of parents.

Give them advice to do Zikr of Allah and recite Holy Quran:

Parents should pay their full concentration to the development of their kids. Kids should be trained according to the teachings of Islam. You should teach them to learn Holy Quran and also make them act upon the teachings of Holy Quran. Your kids should also develop habits of doing Zikr and remembering Allah in the difficulty. Quran is the book that guides you properly about life and also it helps you achieve your impossible goals in your life. They should also collect blessings of Allah Almighty in the month of Ramadan.

Teach them to do Salam and Respect elders:

Parents are also required to teach their children to do Salam to all Muslim brothers and to respect elders in the month of Ramadan and after the month of Ramadan.