How To Design A Box?

Production/ Maintenance/ Manufacturing/ Packaging 08th July 2019


Before thinking about how to design a box, you should focus on a few other queries. You should know what product are you going to introduce in the market, who will be the customers of such product, what is the purpose of the product and what impact it will have on people and environment. The answer to these questions will help you with how to design a box. Evaluate the products weight, nature, and stuff to create a perfect box for packaging.

After this process, you need to make a layout of box designing. Which type of graphic designing you want to do in the packaging boxes. Liquid Printer provides assistance in maintaining the quality of packaging boxes along with the superb graphics designing and finishing.

Know your product’s nature

To know about the product is the first thing to consider while designing a packaging box. You should choose the right type and material of a packaging box.  A packaging box is meant to provide protection and safety to the product.

If you are going to sale some fragile product or any delicate product and need extra protection while transferring, so you should design a box with multiple layers. Inner packaging layer will provide protection from any damage. For this purpose, make the boxes in such sizes that fit the product correctly to prevent shaking and breakage. The foam sides can also be used inside the box to protect the product while transferring. 

Graphic designing is the main element

While designing the boxes, you cannot neglect the importance of graphic designing. You can also have customized packaging for your product that will be an exact copy of your idea. Graphic designing is the first thing that your customer sees. You can customize the packaging boxes with a quote or brand slogan and logo. Make such patterns and color scheme that attracts the customers and enhances the sale of a product.

For an aesthetic appeal, the innovative and creative idea you can talk to our experienced and skilled team of graphic designers. We provide our services 24/7 to our customers to facilitate and satisfy them completely. Our customer’s trust and quality is our first and prime most preference.

You have enormous options to design a box. It can be digital work, painting, logo and slogan, patterns, or any artistic themed packaging. The packaging graphic designing should be done following your product and its consumers.

Perfect Finishing

The finishing of the boxes should be accurate and neat enough. Along with graphic designing and ideal finishing, uniformity should also be maintained. All the boxes should have the same designing, finishing, sizes, and quality. This uniformity and quality are the things that help customers in establishing trust on you. 

Liquid Printer provides you with all the above facilities. Place your order at Liquid Printers with all the details, and you will receive it in a few working days at your doorstep. You do not even have to pay the delivery charges; the shipping is free.